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Friday, September 2, 2016

Sunnie's Revenge - FM Spanking Comic

A few people felt Marcel was looking a bit too smug after spanking his girlfriend Sunnie in the last post , so it's only fair that she gets her revenge sooner than Marcel expects....

Sunnie was looking for an opportunity and Marcel soon provided her with one after an inappropriate comment in front of friends....

Sunnie orders her boyfriend to strip naked and go over her lap for a well-deserved dose of her hairbrush. She also reminds him that when it's her turn to spank it is a lady's prerogative to spank her man twice as hard and twice as long! 

Marcel also discovers that his punishment is far from over......he is beginning to regret giving Sunnie that spanking......


  1. Glemore, Seems like you must be listening. Love this toon and the fact that its a black girl featured giving him a good sound spanking. My hubby is also in line for one tonight. Jan

  2. Love it and the pay back. I like how he is holding onto her leg! Thanks