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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mom gets a Spanking - MF Spanking Story

Debbie lay on the bed on her tummy , her two bare reddened globes on display.
Her boyfriend Dexter grinned and snuggled beside her , caressing her hot skin.
"Careful Dex....I'm pretty tender back there !" Debbie said with a wince .
"If you didn't act like a brat I wouldn't have to spank you so much!" Dexter scolded.
Debbie giggled."I guess it runs in the family...."
"What do you mean?" Dexter asked , raising a brow.

Debbie had always wondered if her insatiable desire to be spanked stemmed from seeing her Mom being spanked by her Dad .
"Because my Mom was a brat just like me ..." she relented.

It had been over 10 years ago since she had first saw her Mom spanked  , but Debbie still remembered like it was yesterday.

Mom was quite the character ,just like Debbie always rebellious , sassy , mischievious and a real teaser.
Her behaviour would infuriate Debbie's straight-laced Dad who felt she was not setting a good example for their 3 young daughters.
Mom loved clothes and always followed the latest fashion trends.
Back then she was well into her 40's but still had a firm , trim body so looked good in anything , but her tastes sometimes displeased Dad who would often lecture  her to dress according to her age.

One day Dad flipped when he saw Mom wearing a low-cut top and some 'way-too-short' cut-offs which  showed a little too much skin in the wrong places.
Of course Debbie and her sisters thought Mom looked great and was  cool  for dressing the way they wished they could.

Dad scolded Mom,  telling her that the shorts and top were not appropriate and ordered her to go change before dinner.
The girls were shocked when Mom bristled and told him she took orders from no-one....not even Dad... they all looked on in anticipation.
Dad repeated his order and of course , feisty Mom adamantly refused  ,even  calling Dad a few choice names into the bargain .

What happened next , surprised them all - especially Mom!
Dad rose to his full 6' 4" stature , picked up petite Mom holding  her under his arm like a rag doll.
Her shorts rode up even further , exposing even more of Mom's shapely cheeks  and the girls all gasped when  Dad undid them and whisked them down!
Then he began briskly spanking  Mom's scantily clad bottom.
She wore very brief , pink bikini panties which exposed most of her cheeks.
It wasn't a long spanking but Debbie recalls how her Mom's cheeks jiggled and quickly turned a bright red..

Mom's face was just as red when Dad stood her up and she looked so funny wiggling her hips trying to get back into her shorts.
There was a tense moment when they stared into each others eyes .
The girls looked on, wondering who would bend first.
Mom had a definite spark in her eye as she rubbed the seat of her shorts.
"Now go upstairs and change while the girls get dinner on the table." Dad said firmly.
For a moment it looked like Mom would relent but she replied cheekily , "I'll do no such thing you big brute can't tell me what to wear!" she bristled, standing defiantly with hands on hips.
It was like she was saying the spanking was not enough and she wanted needed more!

Dad stood calmly with arms folded , a wry smile on his face as if he was actually pleased with his wife's resistance.
"Really? Well let's just see about that shall we?" he said .
Grabbing her arm he spun her around and delivered a hefty smack to the seat of her shorts ,propelling her towards the stairs.
He continued to smack her bottom all the way upstairs with Mom arguing and protesting all the way .
 The girls waited until they  heard their bedroom door close behind them and promptly scurried upstairs to listen in.

Dad wasn't  saying much but there was a loud commotion and they could hear Mom protesting ,saying things like "STOP" and "IT'S NOT FAIR!"
Mom whined in a child-like voice until  they were all jolted by a loud 'CRACK!' followed by a loud scream from Mom.
Another loud smack  followed , then another and followed by more yelps from Mom.

"He's spanking her on her bare butt with the hairbrush!" my elder sister whispered excitedly.
Mom's spanking  was a long ,hard one this time .
Dad soon settled into a rythym with his spanks and had Mom bawling like a baby.

The girls cringed and grimaced with every hard whack to Mom's cheeks
"That's gotta burn!" Debbie's little sister remarked as a particularly hard series of spanks found a tender spot.

Finally there was not a sound except for Mom's sobbing and apologizing.
There was movement in the room so the girls   hurriedly ran downstairs.
A moment later the door opened and the sound of Dad's footsteps on the stairs.
He was slightly out of breath but looked quite pleased with himself.
"Come on girls....I asked you to get dinner on the table....chop-chop....Mom will be down in a minute." he said.
After hearing Mom's punishment they  quickly did as we were told.

Everyone was  seated at the table when Mom came downstairs.
Fresh make-up , clad more conservatively in capri pants.
She tried to look her usual bubbly self but her forced smile could not hide a grimace and she walked stiffly to the table.

There was no sense hiding the fact that the girls had heard her receive one heck of a spanking , so forever the drama queen , Mom decided to make  a scene of it, rubbing her bottom vigorously before producing a small pillow from behind her back and placing it on her seat.

"I hope you're pleased with yourself
 rear end is going to be sore for days  after that! It was well  deserved though I might add.." she added  , smiling at Dad.

Everyone giggled as Mom let out an exaggerated gasp and made a big scene of slowly lowering herself onto the pillow.

Mom squirmed and complained about her sore bottom all through dinner and Dad quite enjoyed teasing her about it.

Debbie could sense the sexual tension the spanking had created between her parents and felt stimulated herself.
She wondered what it felt like to be spanked by a strong man.

After that , Debbie would watch her parents closely and noted the veiled threats , the telltales signs like a hairbrush or wooden spoon left in an unfamiliar place , or the way Mom would squirm or wince when Dad would playfully pat her bottom, hoping she would  witness another spanking .

When the next event did eventually arrive a week or so later it caught Debbie completely off-guard.
Her parents had attended a posh dinner with some of Dad's clients so the babysitter had put the girls to bed by the time they arrived home.

They could hear Mom apologizing and pleading again so she must have done something to upset Dad.
Debbie crept out to the stair landing and saw Mom sitting on the sofa , nervously smoking a cigarette, awaiting Dad's return from driving the babysitter home.

Debbie had to duck back into her room when he returned as he immediately made his way upstairs  and emerged from her parent's room brandishing Mom's  hairbrush.
She heard him make sure the girls' bedroom doors were closed before she heard his steps downstairs.

It was pretty clear Mom was in for another spanking , and as the girls were in bed Dad was going to carry it out downstairs.

Debbie's heart pounded with excitement.
This was an opportunity she was not going to miss!
Carefully she turned the handle on her bedroom door and slowly eased it open, praying Dad would  not her .

On hands and knees she stealthily crept to the top of the stairs and peered through the railings.
She gasped at the sight.

Mom was hoisting up  her long evening gown as Dad sat impatiently on the sofa with the hairbrush.
Mom looked ruefully at him and he signalled her to him with a pat of his lap.

Even under her gown ,  Mom looked amazing in black panties , garter belt , stockings and heels.
She took a moment to rub her scantily clad cheeks before draping herself over Dad's lap.
"Please Honey. ..not too hard ...the girls will hear." She pleaded.
"A spanking is a spanking honey!"Dad replied .

The tiny panties meant his Mom's bottom cheeks were fully exposed so , teasingly Dad caressed Mom's bottom with the back of the brush making her cheeks  tense and jiggle just a bit.
Then he began.

Debbie looked on in awe as Dad snapped the back of the brush against Mom's jiggling cheeks again and again.
Needless to say , the racket awoke Debbie's  two sisters who joined her to watch the proceedings.
Mom kicked her legs and  wailed loudly as Dad transformed her lily white cheeks to a blazing red.

Then when Mom's bottom was sufficiently  chastened to Dad's satisfaction he helped her up and set her on his lap.
They embraced and she kissed him passionately.
For a moment Debbie thought her parents might make out right there in the sofa , but instead Dad scooped Mom up into his arms to carry her upstairs so the girls made a hasty retreat.

The next morning, Mom was her usually perky self and studied the girls as they sat at the breakfast table looking very guilty.
"So did you young ladies enjoy the show last night?" She scolded .
Guilt on the girls' faces was evident.
Mom rubbed the seat of her slacks and winced.
"I guess it's good for you girls to see what happens when a naughty wife drinks too much and embarrasses her husband in front of important clients. Dad could have lost that account because of me so I got what I deserved!" She explained to the astonished girls.

Mom rubbed her bottom again.
"Don't tell Dad , but personally I thought I got off easy.... he should have given me a taste of his belt as well!"
She giggled and produced that pillow again , placing it on her seat.

Mom made the girls laugh again by making a big scene of sitting down.
"My backside is hot enough to cook breakfast on !" Mom quipped with an exaggerated grimace.
Dad was sporting a satisfied smile when he joined them at the table , "It's your own fault Irene...I don't think there's a grown woman who gets spanked more than you do!" he quipped to everyone's surprise,"....and by the way , there's still time to give that naughty bottom of yours a dose of my belt before I go to work !" He added.


  1. Thank you for writing such a beautiful spanking story of a naughty mother receiving a knicker's down spanking on her bare bottom. The last spanking that the erring mother received, she was wearing suspender-belt and stockings, which accented her naked derriere to the fullest.

    1. Garter /suspender belts ar my favorite spankèe attire.

    2. What I like most about your stories is the spirit the women have both when they misbehave and when they get their just desserts in the form of a hard, bare-bottomed spanking. And the daughter in this story feels sure that she became a brat in need of spankings because her mother was one - and she saw how much her parents' marriage benefited from the spankings. Women are smart - and they know that a smarting bottom is better than a guilty conscience or an unhappy marriage, so they want their husbands to be real men and spank them for real when they misbehave seriously. .

  2. Furthermore I believe that all females in the family and household should be subject of corporal punishment. This would include, mothers's daughter's grandmother's, mother-in-law's, aunt's, niece's. female cooks, maid's etc. Whatever age they be.

    1. At Glenmoretales NOBODY is exempt from a spanking.Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Dear ssix, Well in my house its the men who get the spankings. I took the hairbrush to my husband and his father and uncle. They all bawled like babies as I spanked there bare bottoms and put each one in a corner. I then called my MIL who brought her sister over and they repeated each ones spanking by turning the over there knees and spanking them till the tears flowed like naughty little boys. Jan

    3. To me it is best when girlfreinds and wives get spanked, but not daughters. When the daughters get engaged or married their mother can always tell their husbands that a spanking is likely to have a good effect, and as we see from Debbie's reaction to gher boyfriend's hard spanking of her, they re used to grown-up women being spanked if they have not learned to behave. The scene where the mother comes down and sits on a pillow to a mix of sympathy and merriment from the rest of the family, and I must say that the wife is a real trooper who takes her spankings without too much fuss. I hope the daughters learn from that too.

    4. I was spanked with a brush by my mom til I was nineteen, My dad occasionally took the strap to my bare bottom. My husband spanked me once in a while if I was too mouthy or out of line or spending too much. He used his hand or a paddle and twice that I recall a belt. Over a very long marriage he spanked me twenty five to thirty times. He always made me stand in the corner with my bright red backside showing, Never in front of the children though when he heard me letting one of the girls sass me, he came he and spanked her bare butt til she was promising to be a good girl like a five year old. In front of my then fourteen year old daughter he told me if I ever let her talk to me that way again not only would she get her backside beat but so would I and we could both be in the corners in the same room with our red hineys on display. My daughter shot me a look but never asked. As far as all females being spanked I think at seventy I am just a little too old for a hairbrush or strap on my bare bottom.

  3. I Think It's a good thing that the daughters don't get spanked. Now they know what to expext if they do not learn to behave before they grow up and get married, and probably they want to be like Theis mother - including sassiness and bare-bottomed spankings. It is exciting for the girls to know what is in store for Them, and I'm sure the mother Will know How to advise Theis future husbonds not to spare the hairbrush.

  4. Love the illustrations...Is it Ok to share!

    1. Please do Nancy.Would appreciate if you mention my blog if you can.Enjoy.

  5. At seventy I think I am just too old for a spanking. My husband last spanked me around the age of sixty.

    1. Age is no excuse to get out of a spanking Annie.It's time your husband started putting you over his knee again.

    2. I would be mortified if he took my panties down and paddled my backside til it was red. Spankings for us were never sexual , it was strictly to punish my foolishness. Even at sixty when he spanked me , by the time it was done I was sobbing like a five year old and promising to be a good girl. He always made me stand in the corner , bright red backside on display as soon as I was done dancing around from the spanking. The whole time he would lecture me and if i would forget and rub my backside he would come over and smack each cheek three times with his bare hand. I hated it but I love him so I put up with it.

    3. Sounds like he did a pretty good job Annie as you've been very well behaved since it appears! Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is still my favorite work of yours !

    1. This post is very popular.Mom has another spanking coming soon.

  7. My husband loves to spank me and I am very subservient so I like it to. What I don't like is when I have been a "F'ing idiot" and he gets his old collage paddle out,the thing is big and thick and even the first two or three strokes make me cry.
    I always get 12 hard hard strokes and he does it real slow, waiting until I stop making a fuss before I get the next one.
    I have to count each stroke and ask for another all day when I know I am going to be punished I want to run away,by the time he walks in the front door I am acting like an idiot begging and pleading like an idiot.
    When it's over and wemake love it's so so good ,but the spanking hurts like I am being stung by a million bees with each stroke of the paddle.

    1. The paddle is best reserved for those times when you are very naughty.

  8. Annie, your never to old to get spanked, my who has the same name as you gets spanked at least 3 times weekly and she's almost 80, and I don't mean just love taps.

    1. She must be really naughty to get spanked 3 times a week....he may want to ease up before he wears her bottom out completely!

  9. I went almost ten years without a spanking. Let's just say I did something stupid and disobeyed my husband. He was so angry , he first just turned me around and hand spanked me. He left the room and I thought that wasn't too bad. He came back with my childhood strap in his hand. It had been in the dresser for over fifty years unused. He flipped up my dress, pulled down my underwear,pulled me over his knee and he lit lit up my rear end til it was practically glowing. He is almost eighty years old and spanks like he is twenty five. He sent me to the corner for a half an hour, and then to add insult made me get bathed and go to bed at six o'clock at night, He punished me exactly as my dad did. He informed me the next day since I was acting like a spoiled child (and also had been pushing my luck for a long time) my spankings were going to resume if I sassed him or disobeyed him and I would be spanked with the strap and sent to bed just as I was as a child. My backside throbbed for two days. I do not plan on getting any more spankings.

    1. 10 years without a spanking is a long time.I'm surprised he waited so long.
      Wishing you many more spankings!

    2. Hi Annie,

      So wonderful to hear about your spankings in detail. You are never too old. I am fast approaching age 60, and my hubby uses my childhood cane on me already ! He punishes me on my bare botty exactly like my mother did to me (and my sister) when we were growing up in Atlanta back in the 1960s.

      Oh my ! Like you, I feel like a naughty child again. I gotten raised in a strict, religious family. So typical of the South. Corporal punishment was just part of growing up.

      I did not have a ten year period without spanking ! My mother actually gave my hubby my childhood thin, rattan cane ("the switch") when we gotten married in the 1980s. How embarrassing ?!

      I love this Blog...very funny and always so relevant. A good antidote to PC already. Oh my !

      Like you, I raised my own two daughters in a strict, loving traditional fashion in the 1980s/90s and with an identical flexible, rattan switch (Southern style). It was kept in the cupboard for their naughty bare backsides. That was the punishment. No nonsense. Like mother, like daughter eh ?! All swell now. My girls are in their 30s now, long-left-home.

      And like you Annie, I deserve to have my bare white botty whipped exactly like I gotten as a child in the 1960s. Don't spare the rod. Never done me any harm for sure !
      Brenda xx

  10. Delightful. Glad you have all-time favorites on the side bar
    Bottoms up