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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Katie and the Fire Chief - FM Spanking Story

A beaming smile played on Janet Blackwell's face and she sat back with arms folded watching her younger sister skirt along the dance floor with her new beau Stu Munroe.
"You're quite pleased with yourself aren't you?" her husband Gerry commented.
Janet grinned ,  "Well you must admit they do make a fine couple darling....."

This was not the first time Janet had played match-maker for her feisty , strong-willed , and occasionally loopy younger sister.
Most ended horribly , but she had a feeling Stu was a 'real match'.

Janet and Stu had dated briefly in high school so she knew him well.
He was quite the catch back then and still was.
Now it was up to Katie to reel in the handsome bachelor.
The romantic sparks between Stu and Katie started the moment they met at Janet and Gerry's Christmas party.

Gerry chuckled , "Well if it does work out it'll be the first romance that started with a good old fashioned paddling!"
His wife's face glowed upon recalling the eventful Christmas meeting.
Stu and Kate had been getting on famously , and even slinked off for a romantic moonlit walk .
Apparently Stu had a little bit too much wine and offended Katie with some raunchy , vulgar stories more suited for the Firehall mess.

Katie literally led him back to the house by his ear.
It was quite the sight with the 5'2" Katie dragging the hulking 6' 3" frame of Stu , scolding him like a schoolboy .
Once inside , Katie marched Stu down to the basement for some well earned discipline,
Katie knew her sister kept a Jokari paddle hanging conveniently for such occasions.
Luckily for Stu , his blushes were somewhat saved as the rest of the guests had already departed.

Gerry and Janet knew quite well what Katie had in mind and stayed to listen , both cringing as the hard wooden paddle cracked against bare skin a good 40-50 times , interspersed with Katie's lecturing and Stu's howling and apologizing.

The sounds of a paddling were eventually replaced by the sounds of passion so Janet and Gerry went to bed , leaving the new lovers alone.
The next day , Janet waited for her sister to call her to fill her in on the details of her new relationship but by late afternoon had heard nothing.
Several text messages to her sister went unanswered so Janet decided to pay her sister a personal visit.

Janet began to understand why her usually talkative sister was incominicado when she saw the red Fire Chief SUV parked in Katie's driveway.
Katie took the key from underneath the stone in Katie's garden and let herself in.
"Katie? It's me...Janet!" she called out from the hallway.
"In here Jan!" Katie chirped back from the living room.

Janet put a palm to her mouth to supress a loud guffaw when she saw the scene.
Katie was sitting comfortably on the ottoman , hairbrush in hand wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy panties .
Standing beside her was a red-faced Stu , wearing his fireman's helmet and boots - and a pair of flaming red bikini briefs which barely constrained a burgeoning erection/

Katie smiled and welcomed her sister.
"I'm afraid Stewie's been a naughty boy again so I'm just about to give him his first hair-brushing.
Help yourself to some coffee and have a seat...,,,it may take a while..." she said nonchalantly with a glint in her eye.

Rendered silent , Stu's eyes darted from one sister to the other while his hands moved to cover his growing shaft.
Katie patted her bare lap, "Over you go Stewie!" she ordered tersely.
Stu's eyes drifted to Janet who had returned with her coffee.
"Best do as she say's Stewie or it will be way worse." she advised.

Slowly Stu lowered his muscular frame over his new girlfriend's lap.
His briefs tightened and exposed most of his bottom.
The two ladies enjoyed a moment to take in the glorious sight of the hunky man's taut behind before Katie tapped the back of the brush against his cheeks.

As Stu lay prone awaiting his fate , the two sisters conversed casually , treating him as if he were no more than a blanket.
Without skipping a beat , Katie continued to talk as she began to rythmically paddle Stu's backside with the brush.
"You really must...."
"....give me the recipe for that dip Jan..."
 'WHOP!' 'WHOP!' 'WHOP!' 'WHOP!'
" was absolutely delicious...."
".....wasn't it Stewie?"
"YEOOOW! ... OOOW!....YES!
"OOW!" "OW!" "OUCH!"

Janet chuckled at the sight of this powerful man , dressed rather ridiculously lying across her tiny sister's lap having his bare bottom spanked red.
After about 100 or so spanks , Katie took a break.
"Phew! I'd forgotten how much hard work this is.....I'm so hot!" she declared , wiping her brow.
Stu's behind was a nice shade of fire engine red and Katie took a moment to admire her handiwork.
She could feel her man stir when she caressed his punished cheeks with her palm.
"My your bottom is really hot Stewie!" she teased , "I wonder what the guys at the fire station would think if they knew you were such a naughty boy that I have to take you over my knee for a bare-bottom spanking?"

Janet knew by the way the pair were dressed that Katie had more than spanking in mind . In fact watching her sister spank her new boyfriend had made her hot also.
"Well I'll leave you two lovebirds to it then....I just remembered I need to have a little 'chat' with Gerry about his attitude these days...." she said , standing up.

Katie giggled and winked at her sister.
"Say goodbye to Janet Stewie before I finish you off." she prompted.
Stu's face was as red as his bottom.
"Bye Janet." he forced out through a grimace.
Janet chuckled as she made her way out.
She couldn't wait to get home to give Gerry the same treatment.


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    1. Glad you enjoyed it Baxter.....stay tuned for more escapades with Katie and the Fire Chief....

  2. Glenmore I do enjoy your F/M stories simply cause I spank my Robin on a regular basis. Keep up the good work. Jan

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jan and I'm glad you enjoy the stories. I hope they give you some inspiration when you spank Robin.

  3. Excellent story! I love the Blackwell series!

  4. Great work! Love the Jonathan drawing in the background too