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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Trophy Wife - FM Spanking Cartoon


  1. I like the little details in this illustration: the way Sir Charles reflexively covers his bum as he blushes at his wife’s boasts to her friend of disciplining the big game hunter like a naughty boy. There is something really satisfying about the idea of a manly man being so upended and publicly embarrassed by his wife. And the hairbrush on display makes me smile because my wife’s hairbrush is prominently displayed in our room. I sometimes wonder whether anyone has deduced the significance of the brush from the fact that there is so little hair in a hairbrush that is so ready to hand. Incidentally, when I bought that hairbrush at the drugstore, it was actually labeled as a “paddle brush.”

    1. The glory of the hairbrush as a spanking implement is the ability to openly display it.
      My wife has one of those paddle brushes too and often leaves it openly displayed . It is usually in our room where only I realize its purpose , but occasionally , either on purpose or by chance , it is left in the main bathroom used by visitors.

    2. I’ve always wondered whether the manufacturer of the “paddle brush” are consciously marketing it as a spanking implement.