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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Early Christmas Gift - FM Spanking Story

"Hey Ian...does that pretty little wife of yours have any more snacks back there....these are delicious!" , Dave asked.
Host Ian was more interested in the video game he and his buddies were playing than absorbing his friend's question. 

"Sure.....Sally was up all night cooking like crazy and the fridge is full of me how we're ever going to eat them all so help yourself!"

Jack protested when Ian  wiped him out of the game.
"Dammit're way too good at this game!" he said , stuffing a fancy h'ordoervues  in his mouth and spilling some of his beer on the floor.
"I wish Maggie could cook like that....these are awesome ." he added.

"You need to train her properly like Ian did with Sally!" Dave advised.
Jack cast him a sceptical look , "'re one to talk...Susan  has you wrapped around her little finger!"
Dave reacted by playfully tossing a handful of popcorn at his friend , adding to the large mess in the room and left for the kitchen for more food.

"These wings are delicious ..." Jack commented, adding another wing bone to the pile beside his beer.
"They're great but these little shrimp things are fantastic.....Sally's a keeper alright Ian...she's hot....a great golfer and can cook as well! "Dave added , polishing off the last shrimp snack.

" Yea.....and tonight Sally will be on her knees giving me my pre-Christmas gift!" Ian boasted,  his confidence boosted artificially by the scotch and beer the trio had consumed .
His friends cackled in unison and slapped each other on the back.

Their hilarity was abruptly halted by the loud slamming of the door behind them.
"Is that so Ian?" Sally asked with a noticeable firmness in her tone.
Ian's face flushed red," Sally! you're back! " he said with a slur .
His pretty wife stood holding a grocery bag in each arm looking like she was about to explode with rage.

Taking a look at the mess around her, Sally almost did, but was able to remain calm.
"If anyone is going to be on their knees tonight it will be you mister!" she seethed.
Sally looked at the coffee table where the men were sitting and gasped.
"I hope those are not the h'orsdeurves I made for the Christmas get together tonight?"she questioned.

"Uh.....get together...tonight?" Ian blurted.
Sally quickly concluded that the scraps and bones did represent what was left of her festive buffet.
"Yes tonight.....with your two bozo friends there and their wives....don't you remember?" Sally fumed.

Dave scratched his head , "Dammit....Susan reminded me about it yesterday but....."
Jack looked at his phone and saw two unanswered messages from his wife Maggie about the event.
"SHIT!  I'm a dead man!" He exclaimed.

In an attempt to placate his wife , Ian rose and took the grocery bags from his wife.
"I was just telling the guys how good your golf swing is honey...."
Sally glared at him.
"It sure is .....and  it's going to be getting some practice after these two leave.....but it won't be a golf club l'll be swinging....will it honey?" she said with a hint of warning.

Both of Ian's friends knew exactly what Sally meant.
The three couples had been friends since high school and knew each other well.
 Dave and Jack knew that it was Sally who kept Ian in line when he needed it...just like their wives did with them!

All three households kept a sturdy hairbrush in the ladies' bedroom dresser , reserved for occasions such as this , when the men misbehaved.
A good dose of the hairbrush to their backsides kept their husband in line and their marriage happy.
The wives just had to mention the hairbrush and their husbands would shape up!

So Dave and Jack knew very well what Sally had in store for their unfortunate friend and were anxious to avoid a similar fate.
"Well .....we'd best be going...gotta get ready for tonight you know...", Jack babbled while Dave nodded anxiously.
Sally put a hand up to freeze the pair on the spot.
"Not until I phone Maggie and Susan to let them know how you three spent your afternoon. I know for a fact you gave them excuses you were somewhere else.....just like dum-dum here did with guys just never learn do you?"

Sally picked up her cell phone and dialed Maggie.
"Just a sec Mags we need to get Susan on the line for this."
When all three ladies were on the line , Sally put her phone on speaker and began.

"You may be surprised to know that Dave and Jack have spent the day here with Ian , drinking ,playing video games....and eating most of the food I made for tonight...."
There was a hushed silence before Susan and Maggie exclaimed in unified disbelief, "WHAT?".

It was just one word , but the tone of its delivery struck fear into Dave and Jack.
The two men babbled incomprehensible excuses while their wives scorched their ears with well deserved lectures over the speaker phone.
"I'm so sorry my inconsiderate husband ate your food Sally , I know how hard you worked on that...." Maggie said.
"Yes I really want to apologize for Dave too Sally....I suppose we'll have to cancel for tonight?" Susan added.
"No I won't hear of it....we are going ahead with our night. I've got some baking in the freezer and there's still have time to whip up a few goodies.....that's after I've finished whipping something else!" Sally said , glaring at Steve.

Susan and Maggie cackled in delight.
"Don't worry Sally , Mags and I will be doing some heavy whipping too once we get those home..." Susan chirped .
"I'm gonna blister your butt Jack!" Maggie yelled.
Sally pointed the phone to Jack and Dave who were looking very flustered.
"Do you two have anything to say before I send you home to take your medicine?" she asked with a smirk.
The two men mouthed a remorseful 'SORRY' to Sally and beat a hasty retreat .

It did not take the pair  more than a couple of minutes to get outside, but by the time they were passing their friends' bedroom window ,  familiar sounds stopped them in their tracks.

The two men knew they were in deep trouble , and should be going home as fast as possible , but something inside stimulated their curiosity .
Even though they knew very well what was happening to their friend , they just had to stop and take a look through that window.

So they did.
The sight that met their eyes gave neither of them any solace.
Poor Ian was over his pretty wife's lap . and Sally was soundly applying her hairbrush to his bare backside .
Judging by the state of Ian's rear quarters , and the brush hitting a sweet spot each time, they both concurred Sally's golf swing was indeed be awesome!

A few moments passed as the pair stood in silence , their mouths agape , watching Sally whale away at Ian's backside.
it seemed like Sally would never stop so the pair departed the scene to go home and face the music.

Maggie and Jen had everything ready for their errant husbands when they arrived home.
The scene was identical in both households ; a wife comfortably seated on a straight back chair ; the dreaded hairbrush in her hand ; a lengthy scolding was issued , husband goes bare bottomed over his wife's knee ; more scolding from wife ; wife applies hairbrush to husband's backside ; husband's bottom is red and blistered ; husband stands in corner ; husband apologizes; husband unable to sit for the next day or so.

By the time Maggie and Jen had commenced spanking their husbands , Sally was finished spanking Ian.....and what a spanking it was!
Sally's brush had thoroughly scorched every inch of Ian's rear from the top of his cheeks to his upper thighs.

Sally supervised Ian after she placed him in a corner , hands on head, shifting from foot to foot fighting the urge to rub his sore bottom.
The colour of Ian's skin on the spanked area contrasted comically  with the lily white hue on the rest of his body.
It  looked like he was wearing a pair of skin tight red shorts!

"May I come out of  the corner now Ma'am?" , Ian whimpered.
Relishing her sense of power , Sally sat back in her chair pondering her husband's request before responding.
"We still have the little matter of that comment you made to your friends mister....something about me being on my knees?" Sally asked sternly.
"I'm sorry I said that Ma'am....really I am....."Ian mumbled into the corner.
"Oh you're gonna be sorry alright!", Sally remarked.
"Turn around Ian!".

Slowly Ian turned , raising his head to regard his wife , his jaw dropped.
During his time in the corner, Sally had changed out of her shopping clothes.
Now she was naked from the waist up , her pert breasts exposed, and she wore a pair of red, crotchless panties Ian had never seen before.
Black stockings and heels completed her compelling look.
"STRIP!" She barked at Ian abruptly.
Her stunned husband was like a deer in headlights.
"I said strip mister....every stitch off!"

Slowly Ian removed his clothes and stood at attention before his wife , arms at his sides and his huge erection wavering like a flagpole.
Sally laughed out loud.
"You're not such the big man now are you Ian are you ? Getting you bare bottom spanked by 'the little wife!'" , she teased.

Ian's face reddened and his jaw dropped again when his wife showed him a large dildo which she proceeded to harness around her waist.
"What.....what are you doing Sally?", he asked , even though his head told him exactly what she was about to do.

Sally finished positioning the strap-on and regarded the large rubber penis with a smile.
"Impressive isn't it dear? You should see the large ones they have at the store!" she giggled.
Ian gulped and his butt cheeks clenched involuntarily.

Looking closely at the dildo Ian  realized it was shaped like a little Santa!
"Santa's here and he's ready to go down your chimney darling! Are you ready for your early Christmas present ?" Sally asked.
"Don't worry honey ....I'll make sure to lubricate Santa really well so he goes in nice and get on your knees!" Sally ordered curtly.

Ian hesitated , his eyes growing as large as saucers.
"Please" he pleaded.
Sally pointed to the bed.
"On your knees and spread those cheeks or or you'll get  another dose of my brush for disobedience."

Tears were welling in Ian's eyes now , but Sally was unrelenting.
She watched excitedly when he crawled onto the bed and assumed the position.
As promised , Sally liberally lubricated the shaft  and took up her position behind Ian.

Ian gasped when his wife spread his cheeks and he felt a gob of cold gel around his anus.
His body shuddered when Sally inserted her finger inside him.
"'re pretty  tight ....relax baby." She told him.
Removing her finger , Sally lined up the tip of Santa's hat against its target.
Slowly she pushed from her hips easing the Santa inside Ian.
Ian held his breath and tried to relax as Santa travelled deeper and deeper inside him until only his tiny black boots were visible.
"GAAAAH!" He exhaled , trying not to scream like a girl.

 Sally was thoroughly enjoying herself now , thrusting against her husband's tender , red cheeks.
Ian was enduring the experience rather than enjoying it.
He tried to synchronize with his wife's thrusting to make it easier for him to take but it didn't help.
Her confidence rising , Sally pushed harder and rammed Santa deeper into her husband.
Ian moaned and winced as Sally's thighs slapped rythymically against his tender skin.

Finally , Ian loudly sighed with relief when Sally carefully withdrew Santa .
"I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did sweetie !" She teased.
Then , grasping her husband  by the hair ,Sally turned him to face her.
"If I ever hear you speak about me , or any other woman for that matter, like that again Ian this is what you'll you have my permission to pleasure your wife " , she demanded , spreading her legs and pushing Ian's head between them.........

"The table looks wonderful Sally." Susan cooed excitedly.
"It sure does Sally....I can't wait to sit down and eat!" Maggie added.
Sally glanced over at the three men , standing remorsefully beside the fireplace mantel.
"I don't think those three are looking forward to sitting though!" She said to girlish titters
from her friends.

"Time to eat guys!" Sally called out.
The ladies tried to conceal their amusement when the trio walked stiffly over to the table.
The men mulled around the table uncertainly , rubbing their sore rears and hoping to avoid sitting down.

Sally pointed to the three chairs which had small pillows conveniently placed on them ,
"Take a seat boys....and do try to keep the squirming to a minimum!" she teased.
Sally had arranged the seating so the three women sat across from the men to enjoy watching them wince and grimace on their seats .
With moans , groans and lots of grimacing the men carefully lowered themselves onto their seats.
The pillows made little difference to their discomfort.

"The women giggled and clinked their wine glasses together while their men squirmed on their seats.
A Christmas song chimed out from the stereo .....'chestnuts roasting on an open fire' .....
"Somethings roasted but it's not chestnuts !" Maggie cackled and the men scowled.

The three wives made somewhat of a show of how easy and comfortable it was for them to sit.
Sally had placed a wrapped present in front of Maggie and Susan .
"What's this Sally?" ,the ladies squealed in unison.
"An early Christmas surprise girls..." She told her friends , who frantically tore at the wrapping paper.
Ian studied the shape of the two long , narrow  gift tubes and almost choked on his wine.
He looked incredulously at his wife who winked saucily back at him.

"Speaking of early Christmas surprises  , did you get yours from Sally today Ian?"Dave enquired.
"DAVE! Be careful or I'll have to take you somewhere for another little talk!" Susan scolded her husband.
"Oh don't worry Dave ,  he got it alright.. he got it good and hard ....didn't you dear? Sally chuckled.

Maggie and Jen smiled broadly when they saw their very own strap on Santa dildos .
Their husbands looked much less pleased and Steve could only bow his head in embarrassment.
".....In fact I would say both of you guys are in for an  early Christmas surprise just like Ian's..... aren't they girls!" Sally laughed. " the way , I sure hope you guys have a good supply of KY Jelly at home!"


  1. Brilliant, love the strapon Santa! Do they really make those?

    1. Hi Q
      The Santa strap on is a figment of my warped imagination.I'm sure someone is selling them though....if not perhaps I've discovered a new market?Glad ypu enjoyed the story.

    2. My wife spanked me over her lap once with a friend present it made me feel so awful !!

  2. Great story! I love it when women are in charge! :D

    1. Thanks D.Men are always getting in trouble and women are natural disciplinarian so I love writing about these scenarios.