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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Another Christmas with the Blackwell's - FM Spanking story

Janet Blackwell stood , jaw tightened, arms folded and one foot tapping.
Beside her , daughter Nancy and daughter in law Dana struck identical poses.
The women  watched Fire Chief Stu Munroe admonish  their  husbands Gerry ,  Simon and Jeff.

"What the hell were you guys thinking? Did you know we have to respond to over 4,000 calls a year when  'turkeys' like you try to deep fry a turkey?" The Chief fumed.
Janet and the ladies had a chuckle at that one and agreed their husbands were as dumb as turkeys sometimes.

"You guys broke every safety rule...." , the chief continued , counting each violation on one of his fingers. 
"You had way too much oil in the pot , the oil was too hot , the turkey was frozen , you were too close to the house , you were drinking , left the pot unattended and had no extinguishers on hand!"

Gerry,Simon and Jeff could only stand with heads bowed like three naughty schoolboys being lectured by their headmaster.

The Chief continued , wagging his finger angrily
"You're Damn lucky theses three ladies had the presence of mind to check on the pot and use the extinguisher in the kitchen and call us before it got out of hand!"

Janet approached Chief Monroe and gave him an affectionate hug.
"Thanks Stu." She said , planting a kiss on Stu's cheek

Gerry felt pangs of jealousy .
He and Stu had once been rivals for Janet's affection during their youth , and bachelor Stu still had feelings for Janet.
Stu gasped when Janet descretely pinched the muscular fireman's buttocks and winked at him.

Stu's face turned as red as the fire engine parked in the Blackwell driveway.
The playful pinch had Stu reminiscing about his high school dating experiences with Janet.

Back then Stu was the biggest guy on campus , captain of the football team , all round jock with a cocky attitude to match.
Even back then , Janet had a way of putting men under her spell ,and Stu was no exception.

It wasn't long before Janet had Stu wrapped around her finger ....and under her control.
Janet had learned from her Mother effective  techniques  , including the frequent application of a hairbrush to a male backside.

So , despite his stature , when her new  boyfriend did something to displease Janet , the consequence was a trip over her knee for a good old fashioned bare-bottom spanking with the hairbrush Stu quickly learned to dread.

Despite the disparity in size , the hulking Stu found himself with his pants at his ankles , draped over his  petite girlfriend's lap on a regular basis.
He recalled the many times he had to hide his red and blistered bare backside from his team-mates in the showers after football.

Janet recalled the times fondly and wondered if the hunky Stu still needed his backside spanked .
The truth was that Stu longed for it but never found another woman like Janet.

"Well I'll leave these three in your custody Janet. I'll waive all the violations this time ,as I'm sure they're in for a lot worse .....I know first hand the wrath of a Blackwell lady!" Stu said with a grin, emphasizing his point by placing a palm on the seat of his Turnout pants.

Janet turned to address the three men.
"You three get down in the basement know the routine!" She said curtly.
Under the stern gaze of their wives Gerry,Simon and Jeff trundled inside.

The three ladies assessed the  mess and damage caused by the grease fire.
"At least the turkey seems ok Mom." Nancy said .
Janet nodded . "We can  cook it on the oven like we were supposed to.....why did I let those three convince me to do this?" she sighed.

Dana put a consoling arm around her mother-in-law, "It's not your fault Mom...they sounded like they knew what they were doing.."

Janet's despondency turned to rage .
"This time those 3 are going to get a licking  they'll remember for the rest of their lives!" She seethed.
"What did you have in mind Mom?" Nancy asked .
"Let's get the turkey ready for the oven first and I'll tell you .....",Janet replied with a glint in her eye.

"You and Chief Munroe looked  pretty cozy Mom...what's the story there ?" a curious Nancy probed.
Janet smiled, "Stu and I dated at high school....your father is still quite jealous of him you know..."
"I noticed that!" Dana chipped in, "He never married? He's quite the catch you know..."

Nancy put a finger to her chin and raised a brow.
"He'd be quite the match for Aunt Katie ....he looks like he could handle her ..."
"I don't think even Stu Munroe would be a match for your Aunt Katie dear!" Her Mom laughed.

"Isn't Katie coming over for Christmas dinner ?" Dana asked.
Janet cast her a stern look , "Don't you two start with the matchmaking again!"
"Well the Chief is likely spending Christmas alone Mom so it would be nice to at least invite him?"Nancy added.

After letting the men 'stew' for half an hour , Janet had calmed down enough to go downstairs and address them.
The Blackwell men knew the routine well so all three were stark naked , hands covering their privates when the Blackwell family Matriarch arrived.

There was a short silence while Janet stared icily at them.
Nancy and Dana stood just behind Janet  looking just as ominous.
"Once again you three have behaved in a way that almost ruined Christmas for everyone ...and once again you  must be punished."

The men stood with heads bowed while their wives sprang into action.
Janet took the senior cane and stood by the desk ,while Nancy took a position  behind the sofa wielding the big Jokari paddle'  and Dana sat on a straight backed chair with the hairbrush on her lap.

The men looked somewhat confused as they were usually punished alone by their spouse or Janet  but never together.

"This is going to be a punishment you will remember for a long , long time gentlemen!" Janet declared.
She went on to explain that the men would be enduring   what she referred to as ' a circuit of pain".

The timer would be set for 3 minutes and each man would be placed at one of the 3 spanking 'stations'....hairbrush , paddle and cane.
When the timer sounded they would change stations without a pause.
Their punishment would end when  each of them had completed 3 rounds of the circuit.

The husband's were clearly stunned.
Gerry opened his mouth to protest but a glare from Janet made him reconsider.

The men were assigned randomly to a station to begin.
Jeff draped himself over Dana's lap ,Gerry bent over the sofa and Simon bent over the desk.
Janet pressed the timer to start the first round.

The noises filling the room created quite a  cacophony.
Cracks from Dana's hairbrush blended with even louder ones from Nancy's paddle  , the swish of Janet's cane and howls from their husbands.

For the men , the 3 minute round  seemed to never end and there was no respite when the buzzer sounded.
They clutched their backsides and danced to the next station without a break .

At the caning station , Janet took her time to deliver 10 methodical strokes for the first round, upping it to 12 for the second and 15 for the final round.

Dana changed up each hair-brushing between measured strokes and rapid fire flurries which had the men hopping.

Nancy wielded the jokari in her usual venomous fashion , regardless of whose backside was draped over the sofa back.

Minutes later , the ladies ,exhausted from their efforts ,watched their well punished men with their noses pointed against the wall , hands on head and red, blistered bottoms on display.

Afterwards the humbled men were sent outside to clean up their mess while the ladies prepared dinner.
Janet pondered before picking up the phone , "Hi Stu...I just realized how rude it was for me not to invite you for Christmas dinner after all we put you through today......"

Gerry stood at the mantel sipping his eggnog , watching his arch rival , Stu Munroe  flirt with his wife.
"Why the heck did we invite him for?" he fumed to Nancy.
"Actually it was my idea Dad....I thought he might be a good catch for Aunt Katie...."
Gerry looked astonished. "There's a match made in hell!"
"Really're just jealous because he's still into Mom!" she responded , hitting a nerve with Gerry.

His demeanour worsened when Janet pulled Stu under the mistletoe for a lingering kiss and then to the dance floor for a slow dance.

"How's my favorite brother in law doing?"
Gerry yelped when Janet's younger sister Katie greeted him with her traditional slap to his rear quarters.
"Geez Katie....take it easy will you!" Gerry protested giving Katie an affectionate hug.

"Don't tell me my sister gave you another Christmas ass paddling !What did you do this year?" Katie asked.

"He almost burned the house down trying to fry a turkey!" Janet interjected still clinging to Stu.
The two sisters hugged.
"I'd like to introduce you to Stu....our fire Chief!" Janet announced.
Katie drooled at the sight of the hunky fireman.
"A fireman indeed ? Let's get acquainted Chief!"she said, dragging Stu onto the dance floor.
"Well aren't you going to ask me to dance ?" Janet purred at her husband.
Gerry pulled his wife close to him ,"I know what you're up to Janet Blackwell and you know how I deal with naughty flirts....." he warned , giving her bottom a sharp smack.
"Of course I do my dear husband....."

 Janet had both palms clutching her husband's cheeks as tightly as they danced and Gerry returned the favour.
It was a ritual for her to caress the area of her husband's anatomy she had chastised so severely.
"If you're going to pout and huff every time I go near Stu I'll have to take you  downstairs for another spanking my husband!" Janet warned giving Gerry's cheeks a pinch.

Gerry winced and returned the favor squeezing Janet's juicy cheeks.
".....and if you keep flirting outrageously you'll be doing it with a sore backside young lady !"

Meanwhile Katie and Stu had taken  quite a liking to each other.
"Weren't you the football guy who dated Janet for a while in high school?" Katie asked.
"She really kept you on a short leash didn't she?"
Stu blushed , "Whatcha mean?"

Katie snuggled closer and gave Stu's behind a firm but playful slap which made him flinch.
"I think you know what I mean ' Stewieboy'" Katie teased.
Stu looked shocked , recognizing the pet  nickname Janet used when he displeased her.

Katie made sure to sit next to Stu for dinner which  seemed to please him also.
Janet , Nancy and Dana sat across from Gerry ,Jeff and Simon and enjoyed watching their men squirm on their sore  backsides they had combined to give them.
The suffering men were permitted pillows to sit on which did little to alieve their discomfort.

The pillows and squirming did not escape Stu's attention.
He leaned to whisper to Janet.
"Those three are squirming and wincing in their seats just like I used to do after you paddled me!" He whispered.
Janet smiled ,"That's what happens to naughty boys in this house 'Stewieboy' you'd better behave yourself!"
A strange thrill pulsed through Stu's veins as he recalled those teenage spanking sessions over Janet's inviting lap.

As the drinks flowed , the evening heated  up , as did the relationship between Stu and Katie.
"I do believe your little sister has taken to our illustrious fire Chief! " Gerry said.
"I'm not sure if he'll be able to handle her though..." she pondered.

Later , a somewhat glassy eyed  Stu had a huge arm around Katie as they walked to the door.
"Stewieboy here has had a little too much to drink ,so I'm going to take him outside for some fresh air!" Katie told her sister.
"Behave yourselves!" Janet giggled.

Gerry was outside surveying the damage to the house when he saw new lovebirds Katie and Stu returning  from their walk
"That was fast!" He mused

Gerry squinted for a second look and cackled
When he saw the big fireman being led by the ear by the tiny Katie.
The expression on her face was one of he immediately recognized.
"I do believe our Fire Chief is about to have his backside set on fire!"

Stu stood rubbing his ear when they returned from outside.
"How was" Janet's voice trailed off when she saw the Fury in her sister's face.
Meanwhile Stu was looking very sheepish.

"Is the basement free Janet?" Katie asked through gritted teeth.
"Why yes ...but...." Janet began .
"The Jokari is still in its usual l place ?"her sister asked ,giving  her rnew beau ' s ear another tweak before   leading him downstairs .

A stunned Janet was still scratching her head when Gerry returned.
"I don't know what Stu did but your sister is really pissed at him!" He told her excitedly.
They both recoiled when they heard the sounds emanating from the basement.
More thunderous cracks followed accompanied by loud yelps from fireman Stu.

Gerry and Janet looked at each other and smile.
"FIRE DOWN BELOW!" Janet hollered.
"The fire department are going to have quite a fire to put out by the time your sister is finished with the Chief!" Gerry laughed.
Janet nodded , "....and it's going to be smouldering  for days!" She giggled.


  1. Another fantastic story! I like the characters from the Blackwell ladies very much! Janet, Nancy, Dana and Katie rule! :D

  2. Thanks D. Katie is a new character who you will be hearing a lot more from.
    Glad you enjoyed it.