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Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Naughty Yoga Teacher - MF Spanking Story

Steve struggled and grunted as he tried to execute the stretching exercise which seemed so easy for most of his class-mates.
The petite blonde beside him smiled  in a combination of sympathy and amusement.
He had been taking Darla's yoga class for the past few months and Steve admittedly had a bit of a crush on her.

Darla looked much younger than her 54 years and had always made a point of toning her dancer like physique.
Many years of hard work and pain had been invested in training to be a professional ballet dancer and the methods were part of her DNA.

She was petite ,graceful , athletic with a wicked sense of humour and Steve recalled admiring her from a distance at the gym as she would practice her rigorous routine
Occasionally she would glance over at him with an impish grin , flipping her head back and tucking her long blonde mane into a pony tail ,before contorting herself into a pose Steve could never hope to equal.
He especially loved her 'dancer's legs' , shapely , toned and how they flowed into her wonderful round , firm bottom.
She always wore those Lululemon yoga pants which were like a second skin ,seeming to separate her two luscious globes.

This was a confident woman who looked  good and knew it.
Unfortunately for Steve , he accepted that the gorgeous Darla was probably 'out of his league'.
There was a constant line up of men stopping to chat with her as she worked out and she seemed to flirt with every one of them.
"What would she want with a regular 'Joe' like me...." Steve thought.

Steve shook himself out his daydreams and returned to his own workout.
As he struggled to hold himself in a plank pose he noticed a shadow nearby.
It distracted him enough to lose his balance and he flopped embarrassingly in a face plant.
His embarrassment increased when he saw Darla looking down at him , giggling girlishly.
As gracefully as he could , he got to his feet.

"I'm sorry was very naughty of me to sneak up on you like that...", she grinned .
Steve struggled to compose himself and not say anything dumb , but as a longtime spanko there was no way he was going to let Darla's comment go.
"I ought to give you a spanking !" he replied bravely, feigning seriousness.
Steve was pleased with Darla's reaction , a blush ,a mischievious wink and one hand slide back to caress her bottom
"It's been a while since anyone did that to me!" She replied ,giving Steve hope.
, "....I didn't see you at my yoga classes this week so was just making sure you haven't quit on me."she asked , touching Steve's arm softly.
Steve's heart raced at the feel of her soft skin on his.

"No I haven't quit your class - yet.... I just find yoga so darn hard Darla ! " he replied.
"You know my name?" she asked curiously.
"It's listed on the course schedule..." Steve
reminded her.
 Darla blushed again  ,"Of course , silly me....well I hope to see you at my class tomorrow night... Steve isn't it?" , she said , looking into Steve's eyes.
"I'll be there......but you'd better behave !"Steve replied wagging a finger at her in jest.
"That might be difficult for me ....I can be a bit of a brat sometimes!" she said seductively .
Steve was happily surprised at her reply.

Steve enjoyed the sight of Darla's shapely posterior gyrating in those skin-tight yoga pants as she walked away ,and imagined giving it a sound spanking.
But first he would have to endure another of Darla's challenging yoga classes !

Darla had that  mischievious grin on her face again  when Steve entered the hot yoga room.
As usual she looked so comfortable and composed in her cross-legged lotus pose.
By contrast ,Steve had to raise himself up by sitting on a block just to get into the pose , and even then he sat awkwardly with his knees still high in the air.
If he was starting to think attending the class was a mistake , his fears were confirmed when Darla calmly announced that the class would be more challenging than usual.
"Just do your best." she said , gazing directly at Steve and giving him a wink.

For the next hour , Darla put the class through its paces with complex poses Steve had never even  heard of before.
At one point he thought about leaving as he slithered and flopped on the mat , tying himself up in knots .The unbearable heat in the room didn't help.
When he had an opportunity to look at Darla it was clear she was thoroughly enjoying his clumsy attempts to follow along.

"Let's finish off with something 'really challenging' shall we?"Darla chirped .
She could not hide her amusement at the look on Steve's face.
The pose was called a 'modified' peacock and as usual it was child's play for Darla.
A number of students did accomplish it or made  a valiant attempt , and a few others were smart enough to not even try.
For Steve it was a matter of pride , but unfortunately his pride was badly wounded as he passed the point of no return and felt himself wobbling badly.
The room shook when Steve's prone dead weight crashed to the floor.

Some of his classmates were genuinely concerned when he took a few seconds to regain his composure ,he heard a few girlish giggles from behind , and Darla looked devilishly amused.

Like a good sport, Steve put the mishap behind him and finished the lesson.
After the lesson he lingered long enough to be alone with Darla.
"That was silly of me Steve ,I should never put my students at risk....I hope you're not hurt?" She gushed.
"Just my pride!" Steve replied with a smile.

Darla put a hand on Steve's arm again . "Let me make it up to you about I cook you dinner...I make a mean you like Indian food?" She asked.

Inside Steve was jumping for joy , but he didn't want Darla to know that .
"Your cooking might be wasted on me Darla ,I'm more of a meat and potatoes guy..."he replied trying to look nonchalant.
Darla moved closer .
"Don't worry I promise to go easy on the spices for you?" She pleaded.
Steve smiled and nodded.
"If you don't you're bottom will be warmer than the curry!" he threatened.
His response seemed to take the usually composed Darla by surprise and her face flushed red.
" Friday after class then.? are still coming to class?" Darla asked anxiously.
"I'll be at class ...and I'll bring the wine." Steve replied confidently.

Darla's Friday class was subdued compared to the last one and she took the time to give Steve special attention.
She wore red  yoga pants that were  almost translucent and she made sure to provide Steve with repeated glimpses of her cleavage with multiple cobra poses.

After class Steve complemented Darla on the class.
"You look good in red!"Steve said boldly ,commenting on Darla's outfit and once again her face matched the colour as he strode off.

"Oh you shouldn't have Steve." Darla blushed when she took the flowers from a beaming Steve.
It was the first time he had seen Darla wearing something other than workout clothes and she did not disappoint.

Her long blonde mane flowed freely and she wore a low cut summer dress which hugged the curves of her trim figure . It was just short enough to display her shapely legs .
Steve sat in the kitchen watching her tend their supper, and she took every opportunity to lean over giving him a teasing glimpse of her shapely derriere.

The wine flowed and they became more comfortable and intimate together , joking , teasing and chatting.
Darla dipped a wooden spoon in one of the pots and held it up to Steve's mouth.
"Taste test!"she chirped.
Steve hesitated before tentatively taking a mouthful of the sauce.

Darla's bratting grin should have been a warning.
First his lips and mouth tingled , then went numb before finally feeling like his mouth was on fire!

Darla giggled exhuberently when Steve ran for the water tap and began guzzling to cool his mouth.
His eyes were watering and his heart pounding when he finally was able to speak.
Darla's eyes were watering too- from laughing.
"Oops wrong pot." She cackled.

Steve moved menacingly closer to her , hands on hips.
"Tell me you didn't do that on purpose?"
Darla smiled and shrugged.
Her expression changed when Steve picked up the wooden spoon and continued his advance.
Darla backed up.
"Now was just a joke...Er...uhm .....what are you going to do?" She stammered , her gaze fixed on the wooden spoon Steve was tapping against his palm.
"I'm going to give you that spanking young lady!"

Darla's eyes darted around in search of an escape route but her mobility was restricted by the heels she wore .
She decided her best option was to hide behind the kitchen table and force Steve to make a move to come and get her.
For a few moments they played an exile rating game of cat and mouse with Darla feigning one way and Steve countering her move.

Cornered , Darla decided to try negotiations.
"OK Steve ....I'm was just a joke...I'll be good."
Steve surprised her by reaching over and grabbing her wrist.
Darla tried to wrench it free but she was firmly in Steve's grip now and he pulled her to him.
Instead of resisting ,Darla pressed herself into Steve's arms and he pulled her closer.
Their eyes met and slowly so did their lips in a long embrace.

Darla looked up at him.
"Nice try Darla but you're still getting that spanking!" Steve announced.
Darla's jaw dropped and her eyes grew as large as saucers when Steve tossed her,fireman style,over his shoulder.
"Don't you dare....put me down this minute!"Darla squealed , her legs kicking and her fists pounding on Steve's back.

Setting her on her feet , Steve put one leg on the counter and draped Darla over it.
During the struggle , her skirt had hoisted up around her waist to reveal two shapely globes ,framed by a tiny white lace thong.
Both cheeks were bare and ready to be spanked.

Steve took a moment to drink in the sight of Darla's magnificent derriere.
It was even more perfect than he had pictured.
Darla's cheeks clenched when Steve's palm caressed her silky smooth skin.
She cooed in ecstacy as his fingers slid inside her undies and he peeled them down to reveal her bottom in all its glory.

Steve's hand rose and he brought it down smartly on Darla's right cheek.
'SMACK!' "OW!"
It rose and fell again , this time on her left cheek.
Darla's cheeks jiggle seductively with each spank and soon turned pink.

The sexy spanking continued , not too hard but enough to leave a sting in her tail and have her gyrating on Steve's lap.
Steve felt his erections grow and so did Darla who grinder her hip against his crotch.

Steve picked up the pace , spanking harder and faster . Darla's legs began kicking wildly , giving him a glimpse of her glistening jewels.
Her bottom was bright red now and her cries and howls hoarse.

Then Darla squealed loudly when instead of Steve's palm she felt something hard snap against her bottom.
It was the wooden spoon!
It stung really badly and Steve peppered her entire bottom with rapid-fire swats .
Darla was literally bouncing on his lap now as he brought her spanking to a conclusion.

When he finally stopped they were both breathing heavily . Darla groaned and lay prone on his lap for a few moments before speaking.
"OOOH. poor bottom is on fire." She moaned.
She flinched when Steve sat her on his lap.

Their eyes met and they kissed passionately again.
"I'd better finish our curries ..." Darla sighed sliding off Steve's lap.
Her head turned to study her flaming red bottom and she rubbed it carefully.

"Aren't you going to pull my panties up?" She purred.
Steve grinned and began undoing the back of Darla's dress.
He slid her panties down to her ankles and Darla stepped out of them.
"The curry can wait!" He said as Darla's dress slipped to the floor.


  1. Another great story to go with your school uniform roleplay/caning one! Any plans to illustrate them?

  2. Hi Q,
    Glad you enjoyed the story.Actually I have been 'finishing' this one for a few months now and finally completed it.Will likely add some drawings later....any requests?

  3. Great, wouldnt mind seeing Darla's shapely bottom in all its glory! Although given my love of school/teacher uniforms The Hen Party Present is your story I'd most like to see illustrated