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Friday, June 19, 2015

The Hen Party Present - A short spanking story

Brendan sipped on his beer and casually looked over his fiancée , Lindsay's , shoulder while she enthusiastically showed him the gifts from her 'Bachelorette Hen Party'.
Lindsay pulled a face and held up a rather lewd pair of crotch-less panties.
"My crazy Aunt Violet gave me these!"
Brendan cackled loudly , " Your Aunt Violet just became MY favorite Aunt!"

Lindsay was not amused and frowned at Brendan.
"If you thought those were kinky , have a look at what Jennifer gave me !" she announced , and produced a teacher's black mortar board hat and a long , thin cane with a curved handle.
"The card says 'for naughty boys and girls' "

This time , instead of laughing , Brendan blushed and was rendered silent.
Seizing on her fiancée's discomfort , Lindsay put on the hat , stood up and began making whistling sounds with the cane as she swished it through the air.
Her fiancée  flinched visibly when Lindsay began tapping the cane menacingly against her palm.

"According to Jennifer there would be less divorces if more married couples used one of these !" she said." I think it would be good for our marriage don't you honey? No arguing or silent treatment ....just a good caning on the bottom and it's over?"
Brendan gulped , opened his mouth but nothing came out.
Lindsay began pacing in front of him with the cane , her heels clicking against the wooden floor.
"What's wrong Brendan? Cat got your tongue ? Do you agree or not ?"

Brendan brought his gaze up from his shoes.
"Ah...em...yes...I suppose so....." he stammered nervously.
A satisfied grin spread over Lindsay's face.
"So why don't we get started right now then  honey?" she asked.
Brendan's brow furrowed and he stared at the cane.
"Us? Now?"
His fiancé giggled, "Yes NOW silly....why don't you go to the bedroom and I'll be there in 5 minutes" and she turned on her heel and left the room.

Brendan stood there for a moment , wondering what to do.
The bulge in his pants told him to go to the bedroom.
A few whacks across his backside with the cane would be worth it for some hot sex with Lindsay afterwards.

After standing in the bedroom for a full 10 minutes , he looked at his watch again but there was still no sign of Lindsay.
Then the door opened and when Lindsay walked in Brendan's jaw dropped almost to the floor.
His fiancée's long blonde hair was tied in pigtails and she wore a tight white blouse cut high at the waist , her pert breasts straining against the material , a very short plaid skirt , and knee -length white stockings.

She handed the cane and mortar board hat to Brendan and seductively pouted her lips .
"I'm sooooo late ! I'm  sorry for keeping you waiting Sir....I guess I need a lesson in punctuality?" she purred , her voice high-pitched and girlish.
Her eyes grew large and her tongue licked her lips when she eyed the growing bulge in her husband's crotch.

Taken by surprise , Brendan quickly fought to regain his composure , donned the hat and began swishing the cane the same way Lindsay had done only a few moments earlier.
"Yes indeed you have been very tardy young lady and not for the first time mind you....we're going to put a stop to this right now!" he said firmly , rapidly gaining confidence.

Lindsay stood up straight , her nipples pressing against her thin blouse.
"Yes Sir....I'm always keeping us I going to be punished?" she asked with another pout.

Brendan paced around her , eying the curves of her body , squeezed into that provocative costume.
He turned to face her and she looked up at him in anxious anticipation.
"You're going to receive 6 of the best young bend over and touch your toes!" he bellowed.
Lindsay played the part , looking genuinely scared by her future husband's newfound demeanour.

"But Sir....girls get caned on the hand.....only boys get it on their bottom !" she purred , offering her tiny white palms in front of her.
Brendan leaned closer , "Don't you dare tell me how to do my job girl ! Just for that you'll get your 6 on  your bare bottom!"
Lindsay tried to look scared but was struggling to contain her excitement.

"I said bend over girl or I'll add extra strokes!" he repeated.
Lindsay shuffled forward and leaned over , thrusting out her shapely rear end.
Her short skirt barely concealed a saucy little white thong underneath.
Brendan raised the skirt and peeled down the tiny undies  to reveal his fiancée's pert bottom in all its glory.
"Touch those toes girl....and get that bottom right out!" he ordered and Lindsay promptly complied.

Studying the target , he lined the cane up against the creamy white , silky skin of Lindsay's glorious twin globes.
Her cheeks flinched instinctively.
"Give it to me Sir....give it to me hard!" Lindsay gasped hoarsely.
"Oh I will....I certainly will..." came the reply.


  1. Nothing better than a sexy wife squeezed into her old school uniform! Except perhaps if she dressed as a hot headmistress with a swishy cane!

  2. I agree Q....that's why I extended the story in the next post...check it out.