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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Hen Party Present - Part 2 - A short spanking story

I know the story in the previous post was supposed to be short , but for some reason I couldn't leave it there so I have come up with a continuation in order to keep everyone happy.

Brendan's eyes brightened as he studied the 6 red lines he had painted on his fiancée's pert bare bottom with the cane.
It was so wonderful to watch Lindsay's cheeks jiggle as the cane snapped across them and her girlish yelps and apologies after each one.
His only regret is that it was over so fast.
Lindsay gyrated her hips and backside seductively.
"Thank you Sir I needed that." she purred.
"That's not all you need sweetheart!" Brendan chortled and began undoing his pants.

He was suddenly startled by a piercing female voice with a distinctly upper class English accent.
"What on earth is going on here !"
When Brendan turned he saw it was Jennifer , Lindsay's friend who had given her the cane and accessories as a present at the Hen Party.

"Jennifer? What are you doing here?" he stammered.
Lindsay remained in position with her striped bare bottom on display giggling girlishly.
Jennifer wore the same Schoolteacher's board on her head and had a cane of her own in her right hand.
She also wore a long black gown which draped down to her thighs to reveal black stockings and heels.
Brendan noted that Jennifer's cane was much thicker than the one he was holding.

Bending the cane with both hands , Jennifer stared imperiously into Brendan's eyes.
"It's Miss Bradshaw to you...and would you care to explain why you caned this poor girl on her bare bottom?
Surely you are familiar with the school rules ?
Girls can only be caned on the hand and not more than four strokes." she scolded.

Lindsay looked up with an impish grin.
"I tried to tell him Ma'am but he just wouldn't listen. Can I get up now please?" she said.
Jennifer sighed , "Yes you may...and cover up that bare bottom please..."
Springing to her feet , Lindsay cheekily stuck out a tongue at a red-faced Brendan , rubbed her bottom and restored her panties and skirt.

This time it was Jennifer who paced in front of Brendan , her heels echoing throughout the room.
"What are we to do with you?" she mused , her full lips pursing ,  her powerful gaze freezing Brendan to the spot.
"I think he should get a caning Miss ....just like mine....only worse....a real boy's caning!" Lindsay chirped excitedly.
Finally Brendan spoke, "Now listen hear Jen...I...."
His speech was halted when Jennifer whacked the cane loudly on the desk.
Brendan flinched.
"Did I not tell you to refer to me as Miss Bradshaw?" she seethed.

Brendan felt a shiver in his spine and his confidence crumbling before this powerful female.
"Yes...Miss Bradshaw....sorry Miss Bradshaw."
His fiancée put a hand to her mouth to cover her snicker.
"That's better." Jennifer said and began pacing again.
"This is the senior cane.....specifically designed to punish deserving male bottoms. That swishy little wand you used will sting....but this will HURT!" she said , emphasising the last word.

"School policy states that boys are to be caned on the seat of their trousers with up to 12 strokes .
For Senior boys , my position permits me the discretion to administer the 12 strokes on the bare bottom!" she announced.

Beads of sweat formed on Brendan's brow and his face had an expression of pure fear.
He looked at Lindsay for support but she only smiled and shrugged.
"I think you deserve the maximum punishment for what you did to that poor girl...don't you agree?" Jennifer declared.
"But...but it was..."
"SILENCE!" Jennifer bellowed and Brendan stiffened.

"Drop those trousers and bend over that desk boy or would you prefer I take you over my knee like a junior and spank your bare bottom with my brush?" Jennifer ordered.
Brendan wanted to resist and stop this now.
He stared at the senior cane.
It was clearly a weapon of 'ass destruction'.
Despite his urge and ability to stop the proceedings , Brendan found himself undoing his trousers and obediently bending over the desk.

"Stretch right out and grab the end of the desk boy." Jennifer instructed.
The position presented his backside perfectly for a good caning.
He felt his shirt tail being hoisted up and Jennifer's fingers grip the waistband of his briefs.
Brendan felt the cool breeze on his bared bottom as she slowly peeled them down to his knees.

Jennifer swished the cane menacingly the same way Lindsay had earlier.
"What a wonderfully canable bottom he has. It's going to look so much nicer with a dozen nice red welts on it!" she teased.
Brendan's face was pressed against the wooden desk and he glanced over at Lindsay who was an animated spectator.
He felt the can tapping against his cheeks and clenched them in anticipation.
"Well? I'm waiting ..." Jennifer asked impatiently.
Brendan looked confused.
"I'm waiting for you to ask your Mistress to give you a sound bare-bottom caning." she clarified.
There was a long pause as Brendan contemplated a response which might earn him some leniency.
"Please may I have a full dozen strokes Ma'am....HARD STROKES MA'AM!"
Jennifer smiled and looked at Lindsay.
"With pleasure..." she said and raised the cane high in the air.

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  1. Mmm brilliant! Lindsay will be even hotter for it after seeing her man get 12 stinging strokes on his bare ass!