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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Red Card = Red Bottom - MF Spanking Story

With the FIFA Womens' World Cup going on here in Canada this summer , I just couldn't resist doing a story on naughty soccer ladies and soccermoms....enjoy!

"For @#$$&* sake Ref  open your eyes ...that was a penalty!" Janet Blackwell's deep , authoritative voice bellowed out onto the soccer field.
Janet's husband Gerry stood beside he , cringing at his wife's antics.
"You're a @#%$&* disgrace!" Janet added when the Referee ignored her and play continued.

Janet's Son-in-law , Jeff stood near the touchline shaking his head.
Like his wife Nancy , his Mother-in-law was a strong minded , formidable character not to be reckoned with .
She was the family Matriarch and , although he wanted to , he was not about to take her on.
The other spectators looked at her in disgust as her foul-mouthed tirade continued.
Usually Janet was under control , but there was something about watching her daughter play soccer which turned her into an uncontrollable monster.

Gerry glared at his wife who looked back at him defiantly.
On the field , Nancy was demonstrating she was just as fiery and tempestuous as her Mother .
Jeff gasped when he saw Nancy confront the Referee about the missed call.
"Let it go Nancy! Focus on the game ." he called out.
Nancy glanced over and promptly ignored him.
It was tough coaching your wife- especially Nancy!

"You tell him girl!" Janet encouraged.
Nobody heard Nancy's conversation with the Referee , but it was abruptly ended when he produced a vivid red card and ordered Nancy to leave the field.
A livid Janet responded by launching another string of expletives at the Referee , but this time it was interrupted when Gerry delivered a firm , roundhouse whack to the seat of her capris which seemed to bring her to her senses.
The spectators grinned and tittered in satisfaction.
"That's quite enough Janet..." he warned her , calmly but firmly.
Janet opened her mouth to respond but her husband's look convinced her to change her mind.

A red-faced and fuming Nancy brushed past Jeff as she strode off the field , but he caught hold of her waist and spun her around to face him.
Nancy's demeanour immediately changed. She had never seen Jeff this mad. It was actually quite exciting.
The normally mild-mannered Jeff was struggling to control his temper and looked down at Nancy.
The realisation that she had embarrassed Jeff and let down her team-mates suddenly sank in.

She bit her lip and looked up at Jeff.
"Sorry Jeff...that was dumb....I should have listened to you." she pouted.
Jeff pulled her closer.
"This is 'coach' Jeff speaking. Yes it was dumb and you'll be riding the bench for the next two games - after you serve your suspension!" he growled.
"YESSIR!" Nancy replied shakily.

Jeff continued , "This is your husband Jeff speaking. You've behaved like a rude , little spoilt brat - not for the first time - so you're going to be treated like one. Get that cute little tail of yours home right now ....but don't change....I want to see your nose in the corner of the hallway and stay there until I get home!" he ordered.
Nancy's legs felt weak at her husband's dominant behaviour. This was a Jeff she had never seen before and she kind of liked it!

"Yes Sir!" she replied with a hint of sarcasm.
She was stunned to silence when Jeff's right palm connected smartly with the seat of her tight shorts.
"Best get in the car young lady." her father interjected with a grin."Your Mother will drive home with you!" he added.
"GERRY!" Janet protested , hands on hips.
Her husband leaned closer to whisper in her ear.
"I'll bet all these folks-and especially that Referee - would just love to see me bend you over , yank down those pants and paddle your backside right here!"
Janet's face reddened and her jaw dropped , but she knew her husband did not make empty threats.
"'s best we both go dear..." she said , taking her daughter's arm.
Gerry took hold of Janet's arm.
"...and Janet...I want your nose in the corner just like Nancy to think about your behaviour today . I'l deal with you when Jeff and I get back."
The embarrassed ladies wasted no time in leaving the area.
Jeff winked at Gerry, "Thanks for that!"
"Like Mother , like Daughter !" Gerry shrugged

Nancy and Janet had calmed down during the drive home.
"I'm so ashamed at how I behaved..your Father is really gonna blister my butt when he gets home....and I can't say I don't deserve it " Janet lamented ,
Nancy slumped in her seat.
" I've never seen Jeff so pissed......he's really gonna tan my hide for this one!" She mused.

Janet looked at her daughter incredulously , "Well if he doesn't I certainly will  young lady- that is once I can sit down again! "
Nancy smiled nervously and her bottom tingled .
"You and I are going to be eating our meals standing up for the next day or two!"
Janet grinned - Her bottom was tingling again!

The soccer game concluded with a narrow 1-0 win for Nancy's team so  Jeff's mood had improved. somewhat.
He shook the Referee's hand and apologized to him for the abuse.
"I get it all the time." the Ref shrugged.
Gerry interjected , "Well that doesn't make it right Ref but don't worry , we can assure you that both of those ladies will have a part of their anatomy that is redder than your card once we get home !"
The Ref smiled.

"Do we really have to stand like this Mom? I feel ridiculous ..." Nancy complained , her nose touching the hallway wall.
"It's all part of the retribution dear ." Nancy replied into the wall.
Both felt a chill in their spine , and their bottoms tingled when they heard Jeff's car arrive.
"Get ready dear....the only question is ...will we get spanked together or separately?" Janet declared.

The two naughty ladies stood silently in position , noses to the wall like a couple of coat-stands when their men entered.
It was as if they really didn't exist.
Gerry and Jeff chatted about the game , took their time unpacking the van and then went to the kitchen where they helped themselves to a cold beer.

Janet looked at Nancy and shrugged.
After a few minutes , Jeff returned .
"So have you had time to think about your behavior young lady?" he asked curtly.
"Yessir!" she replied as politely as she could.
Then she let out a squeal when Jeff pinched her ear between his finger and thumb and let her away.

Janet remained in the corner expecting Gerry to appear but he did not.
She could hear Jeff's stern lecture and Nancy's barely audible apologies.
There was silence and then - 'WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!WHAP!
The sound of the back of the hairbrush snapping against bare skin , accompanied by Nancy's wailing echoed down the hall .

A prolific spanker herself , Janet found herself listening and critiquing Jeff's style.
"Pretty good for a beginner!" she thought to herself.
At first he delivered measured single hard swats , likely to alternating cheeks , and then gradually picked up the pace , spanking his wife non-stop - and hard!
"YEEEOOOW!" "OW!" "OW!" "OW!"
By Nancy's reaction , Janet guessed that series of spanks had been applied to the same tender spot.

Nancy's spanking continued and Janet felt excited .
Her cheeks clenched . "Where the heck was Gerry?"
The noise of Nancy's spanking had masked her husband's footsteps and she jerked in fright when he suddenly gripped her arm.
Silently he led her down the hallway and paused outside the room where Nancy was being spanked.
The door was open so Janet
 was able to get a good view of her daughter , sprawled over her husband's lap , still in full soccer uniform except that her shorts were yanked down to her knees.
By the state of her backside , Jeff had indeed delivered a spanking of epic proportions , clearly taking into account Nancy's crimes of the past.

Her thoughts were distracted by the sound of Gerry's leather belt snapping.
"Your turn Janet. Jeff should be finished with the hairbrush first but first you're getting that filthy mouth of yours washed out with soap before I give you a good taste of my belt!" he announced.
Janet's heart pounded at the prospect.

Jeff paused to wipe the sweat from his brow after concluding Nancy's spanking.
He laughed at her antics , dancing and hopping around the room , shorts still at her knees , rubbing her scorched back side.
"OH!" "OH!" "OMIGOSH....MY BUNS ARE ON FIRE!" she wailed.
The sound of Janet's strapping and her muffled cries resounded from the next room.

Taking a sobbing Nancy by the hand , Jeff led her out , pausing to watch Gerry apply the strap to Janet's behind.
The belt had already painted visible red lines on his mother-in-law's curvy behind , mostly in that tender area where her cheeks met her thighs.
Janet was on all fours on the bed , her fashionable capris and tiny panties tangled around her knees ,  legs apart , bottom hoisted high up and her face down.
After each stroke , Janet's face would bury itself into a pillow she was holding to muffle her screams .....and Jeff could see she was  chewing uncomfortably on a big bar of soap.

Gerry stopped when he saw Jeff who handed his father-in-law the brush.
"Time for the grand finale dear..the brush has arrived!" Gerry declared , sitting on the edge off the bed.
"AAAAW!" Janet groaned , hauling herself to an upright position.
She removed the soap from her mouth and gazed back to examine her rear ,  allowing herself a brief rub.
"Come on young lady...get over....we don't have all day!" Gerry commanded.
He was clearly relishing the task of warming his wife's shapely behind some more.

Janet looked briefly at Jeff and Nancy before draping herself over Gerry's lap.
"This might get a bit loud guys....she hates the brush!" Gerry beamed.
"Just get on with it Gerry!" Janet growled at him.
"OW!" "OOW!" "OW!" "OOOOW!"
"With pleasure darling!" Gerry replied with a wolfish grin.

Jeff returned to a grimacing Nancy whose jaw dropped when she saw Jeff was holding the strap her father had just scorched her mother's bottom with.
"Now Jeff....NO.....I'm so sorry...pleeeease....not the belt."Nancy pleaded
"Turn around , palms on the wall and stick out that naughty bottom of yours!
You really didn't think you'd get of that easy did you?" Jeff smirked.
Nancy pouted and faced the wall.
"Just one more thing....turn your head please." Jeff ordered.
When Nancy's head turned she saw he was holding a large bar of soap.
"Now that I know what you said to the Referee we need to wash out that little potty mouth of yours don't we? Open wide Nancy." he scolded.
Nancy moaned and gagged on the soap when Jeff rammed it in.
The thick leather whipped against Nancy's already punished backside and she struggled to stay in place until Jeff had administered a full dozen whacks.
In between strokes she could hear her Mother's howls and the hairbrush crack against bare skin.
Her Dad was right....she was noisy without the soap in her mouth!

Gerry and Jeff sat on the sofa sipping their beers and examining the red card sitting on the coffee table before them.
They turned their heads to look at their wives who were once again pressing their noses against the wall.
This time their hands were placed on top of their heads to avoid any attempts to rub their sore bottoms and their pants were at half mast allowing their glowing red bottoms to be on full display.
"I'd say we matched the colour just about right don't you Gerry?" Jeff asked teasingly.
Gerry tilted his head and studied the card.
"Hmmmm.....I'm not so sure Jeff...why don't you go fetch a couple of wooden spoons from the kitchen.....this job isn't done yet.!"
Janet's jaw dropped and she  looked at her daughter whose eyes were as large as saucers.
"I HATE SOCCER!" she said.


  1. Brilliant series, and very very appropriate! I bet getting her daddy's big leather belt off her husband brought up all sorts of emotions for lovely Nancy. Perhaps the men should swap for a few strokes - if I was Jeff then I'd love to take a belt to my mother-in-law's curvaceous behind!

  2. Jeff certainly enjoyed the sight of his Mother-in-laws shapely behind being soundly strapped ,but she is still the family Matriarch who has paddled his own behind so he's not quite ready for that yet
    .....glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Wow! I really love this series! Janet and Nancy rule! Very inspiring to see the usually dominant mother and daughter in this story punished in this way by their husbands!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the story and are following along in the series.I'm a big believer in 'balancing the scales' when it comes to spanking , just in case the spanker gets too big for his or her boots.

  4. Would be cool an FM version of this story with some public spanking maybe XD

    1. Perhaps...but it won't happen on this blog I'm afraid.