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Monday, May 4, 2015

The Spanking Sergeants - MF Spanking Story

Sergeant Simon Blackwell sat behind his desk ,shifting uncomfortably on the hard wooden chair.
The grimace on his face transformed into a smile when his fellow Sergeant Adam entered the office they shared.
He also wore a grimace and under his arm was a small pillow.
Adam tossed the pillow onto the chair and carefully lowered himself onto it.

"I guess Betty gave you the same as I got from Dana huh ?" Simon sympathized.
Adam groaned when he put his weight on his sore backside.
The pillow didn't help much.
"Geez that woman knows how to swing that paddle....I've got blisters on my blisters!" he remarked.

Simon nodded agreement, "The girls know we spend most of the day Friday sitting at our desks so I was kind of expecting they would schedule their payback for last night!"
"Yea...I thought they'd forgotten about our little escapade Monday night..."Adam said.
"They never forget buddy!" Simon declared.

Back at the house , Dana and Betty were sharing stories about last night's discipline session over a cup of coffee.
"Boy did we catch them by surprise last night Dana....the look on Adam's face when I told him it was time for his paddling was precious.....did I ever give it to him good!" Betty chuckled.
Dana giggled , "Yea they're gonna be reminded of their latest prank all day long today sitting on their sore behinds!"

"How about we celebrate by doing some shopping....we both need some new outfits for the gym?" Betty suggested.
Dana frowned , "I dunno Betty.....Simon has been asking me all week if the bills have been paid but I've been putting it off..."
"Don't worry Dana , there'll be lots of time for that! I have a pile of bills to take care of as well but they can wait !" Betty reasoned.

Dana loved spending and shopping but hated paying bills , which is why Simon insisted she take responsibility for the task.
"There is a big sale at Lulu-lemons and Simon does like the way they show off my butt?" she thought.
"Now you're talking girl.....Adam can't keep his hands off my ass when I wear those yoga pants so paying the bills will be the last thing on his mind!" Betty gushed.
"That's what we need to be worried about Betty. Simon warned me he would tan my butt good if we get any late charges!"

Betty looked concerned.
"Wait a minute girlfriend....are you telling me you get spanked also?"
"Of course , it's only fair..." Dana replied , "I don't get it as hard as Simon gets it but he spanks pretty hard!"
"There's no way Adam is spanking me!" Betty declared putting a palm to her bottom.
Dana grinned , "Yes he will ....but only when you deserve it , and believe me it won't be anywhere near as often as the guys get it. Anyway , we still have time to get back and handle the bills so its a moot point!"
"OK lets go !" Betty giggled.

Back at the base , Simon was busy looking at the base budget .
"Private Jennings get in here now!" he hollered.
Corporal Jennings was a cute 22 year old female recruit who handled some accounting duties.
Within seconds , Jennings was standing at attention in front of him , her pert breasts pressed against her tunic and her long blonde hair pinned up in a bun which hi-lited her cheekbones and natural good looks.

Across from Simon , Adam had a broad grin on his face as he took in the sight of Private Jennings' cute behind in her tight fatigues.
Simon waved a paper in front of the Private's eyes.
"This supplier says he will no longer supplying to the mess because we haven't paid his bills....what's going on Private?" he yelled.
Private jennings' face flushed.
"I'm sorry Sir....there was a problem with the invoices ....I was meaning to call the supplier but I guess I forgot....." she squeaked.
"Well your forgetfulness has caused a problem Private......we need this order to be delivered today and we have no credit.....what do you propose we do?" he asked.
"I don't know Sir.....sorry Sir!" came the reply.

Simon felt his erection grow at the sight of the pretty girl before him looking so vulnerable.
He wished he could give her a spanking and had a brief picture of her shapely bare bottom over his lap.
Simon's voice lowered.
"I'll tell you what I'll do Private. I'll pay for this order on my own credit card and you will get your butt down there with the truck to pick it up.
Then you will get back here and stay as long as it takes to sort out the account. Understand?"
"YESSIR!" the Private replied before being excused.
Simon felt his erection growing as he watched the Private's sweet bottom jiggle as she marched out.
"Control yourself Simon....I know what you're thinking.....same as me!" Adam cackled.

At the Yoga store , Dana eagerly browsed through the clothes on the rack as Betty stood beside here.
"What's up Betty? You look like you're a million miles away..." Dana asked.
Betty put a finger to her chin in contemplation.
"So what's it like to be spanked?" she asked.
Dana sighed , "I told you we're not going to be spanked Betty....but if you must know it hurts of course but it also feels kinda good.."
"Whatcha mean 'good'?" Betty asked.
"You know....having a strong man take charge , scold you and put you over his lap and smack your bare bottom like a naughty schoolgirl......your bottom burns and it just feels good.....especially  afterwards we're both so horny we....."
"ok ok I get the picture!" Betty giggled and noticed a tingling in her bottom.

"What do you mean my credit card was put on hold?" Simon screamed angrily down the phone.
After venting some more he slammed the receiver down.
"I told Dana to pay that bill weeks ago! Boy is she gonna get it tonight.." he seethed.
" Don't worry simon I'll use my credit card for this.....Betty's always on top of the bills at our house." Adam said , picking up the phone. "....and just what is Dana getting?"

"Why a darn good bare-bottom spanking ...that's what !" Simon announced.
A stunned  Adam paused before dialing , "You spank Dana?"
"Of course....not as hard as I get it  of course , but enough to teach her a lesson when she does dumb things like this!" Simon said.
A broad grin spread over his friend's face.
"So that means I get to spank Betty when she screws up!" he announced excitedly and resumed dialing the supplier.
Simon just shook his head and chuckled to himself.
"What do you mean it's been cancelled?" Simon looked up when he heard Adam's conversation.
Adam put down the phone and looked at Simon in disbelief.
"I don't know what Betty's been up to but the credit limit on our card has been exceeded.....we're screwed man!"
Simon thought for a moment before reluctantly picking up the phone.
"Who are you calling Simon?"Adam asked.
"First my Mother to ask her to use her credit card.....and then that wife of mine!" he seethed.

Dana sighed impatiently when her cell phone rang but picked it up when she saw it was Simon's work number.
"Hi honey....I was going to call you later to ask you how your poor bottom is feeling this morning.... That was quite the job I did on it last night wasn't it dear?" Dana teased.
Her husband squirmed on his seat when reminded of his bottom roasting before refocusing on the task at hand.
"Yes it was...." he began.
"UH UH?" Dana interrupted.
There  was a brief pause.
"Yes it was a good job....Ma'am!"
Dana tutted , "I hope that isn't attitude I detect honey.....or you'll be getting another dose of the paddle when you get home...."
"Where are you Dana?" he asked impatiently.
"I really don't like your tone mister..." Dana began, "...if you must know I'm in the changing room at the yoga store bare-assed and with one leg in a pair of yoga pants!"
Simon took a moment to take a mental picture of his wife and felt that bulge in his pants again.
"Well I'd advise you not to buy those pants unless you want to be embarrassed like I was....the card has been put on hold for non-payment." he told her.
Dana felt a shiver go up her spine and immediately knew she was in trouble.
"Are you sure its not a mistake honey? I'm pretty sure I paid it...." she replied meekly.
"Apparently not , but you're the one who supposed to pay the bills , what do you think.
Dana's proud tone digressed to that of a naughty little girl , "I guess I forgot then...."

"Here's what you're going to do young lady.
You're going to hi-tail that cute little butt of yours out of the store and sit down and take care of ALL the bills like you're supposed to.
Then you can go in the kitchen and pick the implement of your choice for the spanking I'm going to give you when I get it?" Simon lectured.
"YESSIR!" his wife replied.
Simon smiled , "...and by the way , as we speak , your friend Betty is having a similar call with Adam and she will be coming over to our place to get her spanking too! So you can help her pick an implement also. Since the pair of you screwed up together you're going to get spanked together!"

Dana's jaw dropped but when she peaked out the dressing room door at Betty she looked stunned and was staring  at her cellphone in disbelief.
Simon wasn't kidding.
It was bad enough getting a spanking but to get it in front of her friends was added punishment.
"Please Simon....can't we talk about this?" she pleaded.
"UH UH?" he cautioned.
"Please can we talk about this SIR?" she replied.
She knew there was no going back now and she deserved to be punished but she had to try.
"Oh yes....we'll be having a long , private conversation after you and Betty have been punished!" came the terse reply.

Dana and Betty reluctantly returned their intended purchases to the store clerk , both looking very worried.
"The guys are really mad.....we'd best get home and catch up on the bills and hope  they've calmed down by the time they get home  !" Dana lamented.
"Is there anything wrong with the pant's ladies?" the clerk asked.
"No...we just can't buy them now because our butts are going to be too sore and swollen to fit into them ..." Dana replied sarcastically , leaving the clerk with a puzzled look on her face.
"Will our butts really be that sore Dana ?" Betty asked.
"Unfortunately yes won't even want to wear panties never mind tight yoga pants !"
Betty gulped.

Back at the base , Simon and Adam had managed to clear up matters with the supplier thanks to Simon's mother Janet.
"Thanks Mom..." Simon said into the phone as Adam waved to him on his way out.
"See you at your place in an hour bud !"
Janet could not resist offering her son some advice.
"You know what your Father would do to me if I had done that don't you son?" she asked.
Simon sighed , "I have a pretty good idea Mom....but I have a feeling you're going to tell me anyway.."

Janet began , "I remember when we were first married there was this beautiful coffee table I liked , but money was tight then so your Father thought we couldn't afford it. Of course , headstrong me went out and bought it anyway. I knew it would earn me a spanking but I figured it was worth it.
Boy was I wrong!
Your Dad was livid and determined to teach me a lesson.
He had me strip and kneel on all fours on the coffee table for my punishment.

I must have knelt there , stark naked for a good hour waiting for him to come in and give me my licking.
It gave me time to think about how selfish I'd been.
When he did come back he had the thick , two-tailed strap I'd use on his tough hide. It was the only time he ever used it on me.....boy did it sting!
By the 10th whack I was bawling and promising I would take the coffee table back but he kept going.
I  had trouble sitting for the rest of the week but I never did anything like that again I can tell you.
Funny thing was your Dad let me keep the damn coffee table ....and it reminded me of that thrashing every time we used it!"
His Mother's story stirred something in Simon's as he pictured Dana on all fours with her shapely butt thrust out , but his dreaming was interrupted by the return of Private Jennings.
"Excuse me Sir!  You wanted to see me Sir!" she announced.
"Gotta go you!" Simon said to Janet
 Private Jennings smiled. Her tough Sergeant had a heart.

Pulling himself back to military mode , Simon looked up at the blonde young lady before him.
"I was able to sort out the mess you created Private Jennings but there has to be some consequences. You're leave privileges will  be cancelled for this weekend.
The young lady's lips began to tremble and tears were welling in her eyes.
Simon could not resist a sensitive woman.
"Is that a problem Private?" he asked.
"No Sir...I deserve's just that I was meeting someone this weekend....someone I like very much..." she sobbed.
Simon felt bad and handed her a tissue.
"Can't I have some other punishment Sir?"

A thought breezed across Simon's mind and his instinct told him to ignore it , but something stronger urged him to continue.
"If it was up to me I'd put you across my knee for a good spanking and send you home but...."
The Private's face lit up.
".....but what Sir?' she asked , her full lips pursed in an irresistible  pout.

Back home Dana's bottom tingled as she sat at the desk paying the bills.
She was dreading the spanking but in some way anticipating and looking forward to it , perhaps it was guilt?
It had been a while since Simon had spanked her but she had a feeling this one was going to be a doozie!
Just then she heard the door open and Betty's voice.
"Hi Dana.....your partner in crime is here to get ready for  punishment !" Betty called out.
"Finished paying the bills already ?" Dana asked.
"Yes! With Adam looking over my shoulder the whole time telling me how he's going to warm my butt. He sent me over to get an implement and get ready until Simon gets back.
Apparently he has to deal with that dumb blonde Private Jennings.
"You know if she hadn't screwed up this would never have happened. I hope Simon gives it to her good!"

A pang of jealousy pulsed through Dana's veins.
"You mean that cute little California blonde who wore that skimpy bikini at last year's BBQ?"
Betty nodded , "...yep....the very one....what's up you think she'll offer something to Simon to get off the hook?"
That was exactly what Dana was thinking  as she fought the urge to drive over to the base and find out for herself.
"Relax Dana....that blonde does have a knock-out body , but Simon's a professional ...." Betty reasoned.
Dana could not get the thought of her handsome husband alone with a cute blonde out of her mind but fought her jealous feelings.
"'re right Betty .....I trust Simon....let's go to the kitchen and pick out our weapons of ass destruction !" she laughed.

Simon paused to drink in the sight of Private Debbie Jennings' jiggling bare globes.
"I hope this will teach you a lesson Private ?" he asked , gently massaging the silky skin on her reddening cheeks.
It was such a delectable bottom , tanned except for the milky skin where her skin was covered by the tiny bikini.
Simon was well on his way to turning the milky white into a flaming red.
"YESSIR!" Debbie yelled.
Simon looked at the clock. It was almost 6pm. He had to wrap up this spanking and get ready for the next one.
His hand rose and he delivered a final salvo of rapid-fire spanks which had the Private bouncing and writhing all over his lap.
Her wiggling gave him a glimpse of her enticing private area , moist and neatly shaved in anticipation of her weekend date.
Simon felt a pang of guilt as he thought of what he would like to do after the spanking.
Debbie had to be very aware of his erection she had been grinding on for the past 15 minutes.
"OW!"""  OOOOOW!" "OUCH!"
Simon guided the pretty blonde off his lap and onto her feet.

Her pert breasts jiggled when she hopped up and down rubbing her bottom.
Simon stood and gasped when he felt Debbie's hand eagerly grasp his erection.
Fighting his urges he wrenched himself away.
"Get those pants up Private. You're dismissed.!" he ordered.
Debbie pouted again and rubbed her hot bottom.
"I said your dismissed!" Simon repeated.

Simon still felt pangs of guilt when he arrived home but they dissipated somewhat when he drank in the sight of his repentant wife in her tight top and second skin yoga pants.
She looked amazing.
Dana put her arms around him and they enjoyed a lingering kiss.
Then she held out her arm and waved a large wooden spoon in front of him.
"I'm ready for my punishment Sir!"
"Me too!" Betty chirped , handing a big wooden spatula to Adam.

The two couples retreated to the privacy of the basement where the ladies had thoughtfully laid out two sturdy chairs.
Adam looked at Simon.
"This is going to be a long spanking and I've done enough sitting for one day!" he declared rubbing his still tender behind.
Simon bent his left knee and placed his foot on the chair.
Adam grinned and did the same.
"Over you go ladies!" they announced in unison.

The yoga pants worn by the two spankees left little to the imagination and seemed to hug the ample ass cheeks contained within.
Dana gasped when Simon placed his fingers in the waistband and slowly peeled them down to reveal her gorgeous twin globes.
Simon could not help comparing his wife's bottom to those of the delectable Debbie he had soundly spanked only minutes before.
Debbie's bottom was smaller and firmer and he loved the tan lines , but Dana had more curves and was just as spankable.
Two spankings in one day.....Simon could not believe his luck!


  1. Love this! Let's hope Dana gets to finish what naughty Private Jennings started. Maybe she could dress like a schoolgirl as well as get treated like one...

  2. Not sure what I'll do with the Private Jennings 'incident' yet Q ....but I'm sure I'll think of something...