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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Spanking the Christmas Elf - MF Spanking Story

Stephanie and Deborah giggled like schoolgirls when Todd entered the exercise room dressed in a very loud green and red outfit , complete with an Elf hat , pointy shoes and tinsel .

Everyone else in the class was dressed in their normal work-out gear.
Some just stared at Todd with  a blank look while others laughed and applauded.

Todd blushed and attempted to make the best of the situation.
“Didn’t you all get Stephanie’s email about dressing up for the last class before Christmas?” he asked.
He glanced over at his two female friends who were now doubled over with laughter.
“Nice one you two….but you won’t be laughing by the time I’m through with you! “ he warned.
The two women looked at each other and feigned a look of fear.
“OOOOH I’m so cared….are you Steph?” Deborah teased.
Todd was a real sport and completed the entire class clad in his ridiculous outfit , enduring the giggles and teasing of Deborah and Stephanie with aplomb.
Afterwards the three friends chatted .
“We should feel bad Todd but it was so much fun to watch you!” Deborah laughed.
“I just knew you would fall for it Todd!” Stephanie added.
Assuming a firm stance , Todd wagged a finger at the pair and scolded them.
“We have been very naughty haven’t we Debbie?” Stephanie said.
“Yes…we’ve been really baaad !” her friend chuckled.

Todd stood with arms folded .
“Well then I think I should give both of you naughty girls a good spanking!” he announced.

The feisty pair blushed and were momentarily struck silent.
“Yea ….like that’s gonna happen !” Steph finally replied  looking nervously at Deborah.
Debbie howled as Todd’s palm cracked against the seat of the petite blonde’s yoga pants.

Stephanie stood nearby watching the proceedings , wincing with every spank and massaging her buns in preparation for her turn.
Debbie kicked her legs wildly when Todd increased the pace of her spanking .

She let out a squeal of indignation when she felt Todd’s fingers tug at the waistband of her pants.
“What the hell are you doing Todd!”
Todd leaned over to look at her.
“This is a proper spanking Deb…that was just a warm-up… .you’re getting the rest on the bare bottom!” he declared.

“Don’t you dare Todd! I’ll never speak to you again!” she yelled but Todd had already peeled her pants over  her shapely twin globes to nestle at her milky white thighs which were a complete contrast to the redness of her bottom s.
She wore the tiniest of thongs  underneath so her  shapely cheeks were completely exposed.
“OMIGOSH I’m sooo embarrassed!” she wailed.

Todd took a moment to admire the view before him before resuming Debbie’s spanking.
Her cheeks jiggled with every smack and she squirmed on Todd’s lap.
Stephanie looked on with her mouth agape and still clutching her bottom.
After delivering a final series of spanks , Todd released his grip and helped Debbie to her feet.
Guiding her into the corner , he ordered her to stand there with her hands on her head.
“Your turn Steph!” he said turning to face debbie's accomplice.
Todd sat back in his chair to admire his handiwork.
Debbie and Steph stood with their noses against the wall , hands on their heads and bright red bottoms on display.

“How much longer do we have to stand here Todd ? My poor bottom is on fire…” Steph whined.
“Yea…I  really need to rub ….please Todd?” Debbie asked.

“first I want to hear a proper apology from both of you then I have some nice cool aloa vera for those naughty bottoms.” Todd teased.

Putting both arms to support his neck , Todd lay back on the bed and admired the firm , naked physiques of Debbie and Steph lying face down on either side of him.
He noticed  redhead Stephanie’s bottom seemed to  be redder than her blonde friend.
Either way , he was a pretty happy  elf.

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