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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Spanking the Stealing Solicitor - MF Spanking Story

Samantha Cartwright was an ambitious Solicitor with one of the largest firms in the city.
She also had expensive taste- too expensive even for the attractive salary plus incentives she was paid.
Sam had a weakness for the good things in life , especially clothes.
Today Sam wears a white angora wool top which hugged every
curve on her shapely 28 year old body. 
A short black leather skirt and knee high leather boots with pronounced heel completed her outfit ....and   underneath she wore a tiny pair of blue turquoise lace

Forensic Accountant Nigel Waghorn had been investigating a recurring leakage of funds from the accounts. Not large amounts but enough to suggest weaknesses in the system.
He studied the paper trail again and again to be certain but it all led him to the voluptuous Miss Cartwright.

Before writing his report , Nigel decides to pay Sam Cartwright a visit and the evidence was compelling. 

Sam's face flushed red when Nigel casually dropped the financial documents in front of her.
For once the confident blonde was completely flustered.
"W..where did you get these?" she stammered nervously.
Nigel paced in front of her smirking.
"Never mind where I got them Ms's my job...the fact is that this is a serious offense which will likely have to involve the police once I provide this to the partners." he said.

Sam thrust out her 36D's so her cleavage strained against her tight sweater showing the outline of her nipples.
She pouted her lips , "Surely we could come to some arrangement whereby you could just destroy these documents.....I'm sure you wouldn't want to ruin my career.....not to mention the scandal for the firm?

It was a desperate move , but Sammy she had the 'assets' to pull it off and had done it before.
She smiled wryly when she saw Nigel put a hand to his chin and actually consider her veiled suggestion.
"Well I suppose I could come up with another type of punishment...but I doubt if you would accept.
Excitedly Sam rose to her feet , "I would accept any alternative punishment !" she exclaimed.
Nigel eyed her curvy figure squeezed into a tight leather dress and the knee high boots and heels.
"Turn around!" he ordered her firmly.
"WHAT?" a confused but relieved Sammy blurted.
"I said turn around young lady ...and from now on you will refer to me as that understood?"
Sammy blushed , "Yes Sir!" she replied and turned around.
She heard Nigel pace behind her for a moment in silence until he walked around to face her again.
"Very nice bottom Ms certainly will be a pleasure to spank it!" he announced.
"SPANK IT ?" she exclaimed.
Nigel looked sternly at her.
"...SIR!" Sammy added.

Nigel smiled in satisfaction.
"6pm sharp in my office Ms Scott if you prefer the alternative punishment which will be a long , hard spanking on your bare bottom which you will fell each time you sit down for the next week.
Then I'll destroy the files....after I take a few pictures of your well spanked bottom just in case . 6pm sharp I press send on the email to the partners on this. Your choice..."
With that he turned and left.
Sammy gulped but interestingly felt a strange tingle in her bottom and she instinctively put both hands to the seat of her tight skirt.
She looked up at the clock.....4pm....the next couple of hours would be agony.
Sammy’s mouth was dry and her heart pounded as she stood outside Nigel’s office.
Despite her predicament , a part of her was still defiant.
Once the door was opened she would be placed over this man’s knee and spanked on her bare bottom like a naughty schoolgirl.
After a brief hesitation she took a deep breath and rapped on the door.

When Sammy entered , Nigel remained seated at his desk , looking at his computer screen .
He allowed her to stand uncomfortably before him before finally looking up.
“So Ms Scott.....just in time ....are you ready to receive your alternative punishment ?” he asked with a veiled smile.
“Yes Sir!” Sammy replied meekly.
Nigel stood up.
“OK can start by removing your sweater and skirt....we don’t want to get them damaged from all the kicking and squirming you’ll be doing when I roast that naughty little bottom of yours do we?” he said boldly.

Sammy began to mouth a protest but reconsidered.
“Once this guy sees my 36D’s and these lace panties he’ll melt for sure.” she thought.
She made sure to make her disrobing a teasing experience and looked for a reaction from Nigel.
She wore no bra and proudly allowed her wonderful breasts to spill from her sweater  and was quite disappointed when Nigel barely reacted , looking deep into her eyes ignoring the glorious sight of her breasts swaying before him.
“You have been a very bad girl Samantha Scott and you are going to be severely punished. I am going to bend you over my knee and spank your bare bottom so hard you won’t sit for a week!”
Sammy suddenly felt very vulnerable and was shaking .
For the first time , she actually felt guilty and wanted...needed ....this punishment.

Nigel sat on the desk , stretching out his right leg.
Beside him on the desk sat a wooden ruler which caught Sammy’s eye.
“Wh..what’s that for....Sir?” she stammered.
Nigel smiled , “To make sure you remember this spanking for a long time Samantha!” he replied.
he tapped his right leg.
“Let’s have you then young lady...over you go!” he demanded.
Hesitantly Sammy stepped forward.
She could not resist offering Nigel one more glimpse of her breasts when she brushed against them.
This time Nigel did react , putting one hand around her waist and cupping her right breast in the other.
Sammy grinned impishly, “I knew he couldn’t resist.” she thought.
Nigel removed his hand from her breast and used it to tilt her head towards his.
“Nice try....but all that teasing is going to get you is a very sore bottom!” he said and pushed her into position over his knee.
Nigel took a moment to admire Sammy’s shapely bottom, elegantly framed in a skimpy pair of lace panties and her long legs emphasized by those knee high boots and heels.
Refocussing , he placed a palm on Sammy’s bottom making her wince in anticipation.
His hand rose high and he brought it down smartly on Sammy’s right cheek making it jiggle seductively.
Sammy tensed her cheeks and gasped. It stung!
Almost immediately another smack descended on her left cheek and her whole body jerked.
She let out an involuntary “OW!” and kicked her long legs.
Nigel continued to spank one cheek and then the other and it wasn’t long before the heat in Sammy’s bottom intensified to become quite uncomfortable.

She began squirming on his lap to avoid the spanks which continued to rain down on her tender derrierre without pause.
A little squeal escaped from her lips when she felt Nigel’s hand lift the waistband of her panties and yank them over her hips and all the way down to her ankles.
“Your bottom is very red Ms Scott ...but its going to be a lot redder!” Nigel gleefully announced.
Sammy tensed her cheeks in anticipation of the assault on her now completely exposed bottom.
Nigel lustily spanked Sammy’s bare bottom , making her cheeks jiggle and bounce.
With all her squirming and bucking , and without her panties he was given an enticing view of Sammy’s hidden jewels and noticed a moistness there.

He picked up the pace of the spanking to really intensify the burning and stinging.
Sammy was hollering and yelling loudly now and the first signs of repentance appeared when she began pleading and apologizing.
Ignoring her pleas Nigel spanked harder and faster making sure to toast every part of her rear quarters.
Tears formed in Sammy’s eyes and , resigned to her fate , she stopped struggling and just lay there sobbing.

Nigel stopped and helped Sammy to stand unsteadily on her feet.
her mascara streamed down her face from her crying and any sign of defiance was long gone.
“Are you sorry for what you did and promise never to do it again?” Nigel asked firmly , holding her by the shoulders.
“Yes Sir I am.” Sammy sobbed.
Nigel picked up the ruler and Sammy’s eyes grew as wide as saucers.
“Please no poor bottom is so sore....I can’t take more.” she pleaded.
“I’m sorry Sammy but this is where I really drive the point home. Turn around and get down on all fours.” he ordered.

Sam looked confused but was obeying this man’s every command so assumed the humiliating position.
She gasped when he took hold of both her legs and hoisted her up to the “Wheelbarrow “ position.

She balanced herself with both palms on the floor and her long hair spilled over her head.
Nigel spread her legs apart to give him access to the tender area inside her cheeks and picked up the ruler.
He snapped it against her cheeks and Sammy squealed.
Completely immobilized in this humiliating position , Sammy could do little more than bawl and plead for mercy.
As he paddled her with the ruler , Nigel enjoyed a full view of Sammy’s most private area.
Finally he stopped.
“Are you ready to sit down and write your full apology young lady?” he asked.
Sammy still had the presence of mind to know that sitting was the last thing she would want to do.
“Would you mind if I wrote it standing up Sir!” she chirped.
Nigel’s response was a series of firm whacks to the tenderest sit spot .
“Yes Sir!” Sammy yelled.

When Nigel released her legs , Sammy slumped to the floor and paused to catch her breath.
She put a palm back to sooth the fire in her rear and her skin was hot to the touch.
Nigel helped her to her feet , and taking hold of her ear , led her into the corner .
It felt like much longer but the 5 minutes spent in the corner was agonizing.
Shifting from foot to foot she longed to rub her flaming bottom but dared not to.

When Nigel allowed her to leave he pointed to the desk.
“Sit down and write a full apology young lady.” he demanded.
Sammy looked ominously at the chair and carefully lowered her sore bottom onto it.
Squirming and shifting the whole time , Sammy struggled to fill the page with words of apology.
Her face contorted in a grimace when she rose and handed the paper to Nigel.
He smiled and read the apology .
Leaning over to his laptop he deleted the email to the partners.
“Case closed!” he smirked at Sammy who was rubbing her bottom and eying him lustily.
“Not quite Sir!” she pouted and dropped to her knees in front of him.


  1. You can't blame a poor girl for trying, so it's alright she got spanked, but not spanked more for trying to distract him.

  2. I agree that women should be allowed to try to tease and promise her way out of a spanking, but of course it does not work once a real man has decided that a spanking is in order. And probably - after the first feeling of relief that she avoided a painful paddling - most women would be disappointed and think they got off too lightly and even lose respect for the man for not spqanking jer as he had threatened.