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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dad's get spanked too! - FM Spanking Comic


  1. From David. Great idea, and great art!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it David....I wonder how many households have the Mom in charge of discipline these days?
      I actually had one more frame for the comic which I didn't get a chance to finish, with Dad sitting on a pillow for dinner while the kids tease him.
      Keep an eye out for the sequel because Mom's get spanked too!

  2. My wife spanked me over her knee and bare bottom much like the fellow displayed in the comic. Not in front of children but her sister and mother had a wonderful time as my wife showed them who wears the pants at our house spanking me to tears like a child. as she paddled me good mom and sis commented on what a swell job she was doing as I pleaded for her to let me up. I was so embarrassed as I was put in the corner and made to stand there for over an hour. Robin

  3. Yes, I have always believed that if a mother is naughty she should be given a knickers down bare bottom spanking. Yes, if need be the spanking should be in front of grown up relatives, such as a father-in-law. If a mother-in-law, or a grandmother needs to be spanked, they can also be in front of relatives.

  4. My wife began spanking me otk bare on our honeymoon and still does it regularly after 45 years of marriage. My spankings were not hidden from our children who often witnessed me over her lap on the corner after a spanking.