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Friday, October 31, 2014

Holly's Desire - Comic version -MF Spanking

One of the most popular posts in my blog is the spanking story about a young lady who wants to be spanked but just can't get her hapless boyfriend to do it.
So I decided to make a comic strip of the story and I have also added drawings to the original post

For those of you who prefer the unabridged , literary version here is the link.

Spanking Story - Holly's Desire


  1. Ladies with spanking husbands wqant other husbands to act the same way with their wives, and I don't think it is because they are mean and spiteful. They know that a good, bare-bottomed spanking benefits them, and they want other ladies to have the same treatment. It's the same way in real life, actually. :-)

  2. The story reminds me of a young wife who told me how she got engaged to her husband. She had kept him waiting downstairs with her parents many times when they had an appointment, and one night he got fed up with that and got upstairs and entered her room where she was still sitting in knickers and bra in front of the mirror. He sais that he had told her before that next time if she was not ready when they had arranged to go, he would spank her. - You wouldn't dare, was her answer, and predictably he sat down on the stool, took her over the knees and spanked her bottom. When he let her up, she was furious - grabbed her hairbrush and flung it at him. Not a wise move - cause soon she was over his knees again, knickers down and her own hairbrush being used on her already well-spanked bottom. After the spanking she cried and he comforted her, and after some delay they went downstairs and declared to Jytte's parents that they had become engaged. The parents were glad - they had heard the spankings taking place, but as it turned out -they were the ones who had advised Jytte's beauto spank her. They probably knew their daughter and how she would react, and Jytte told the story with pride to her friends and colleagues.

  3. Yes, and most probably her mother also got spanked when she misbehaved seriously. Mothers and girlfriends who themselves are spanked wives often want the best for the bride, and that's why they give her a good, solid wooden hairbrush as a wedding present - and often with instructions to use it on both ends. They all know from personal experience how much a spanking hurts, but they
    also know that a red and smarting bottom is better than an unhappy marriage with constant nagging and bickering. AND theyt know how sweet the making up and making love is after they have spanked, comforted and cuddled by their strong husbands.