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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Who will be spanked ? You decide....

Well this blog has been going for quite a while now with over 100,0000 visitors but I still have no idea who my audience is as the comments are , quite frankly few and far between.

As you know my site features both men and women on the receiving end of a spanking as I'm a big believer in equality when it comes to spanking.

So , I've decided to try a little experiment to see what my audiences preferences are .....and to solicit some comments perhaps.

So for the next spanking cartoon I will post it frame by frame with blank speech balloons for you...yes you! suggest what is being said .
At the end someone is going to get a spanking .....but who it is will be entirely up to you!

Here we go.....

Well we are starting to get a few interesting suggestions , but it's still not clear if it will be Samantha or David receiving a spanking. Lets see if the next frame inspires anything.....
It appears our feuding couple have retired to the bedroom where one of them is delivering a loud lecture while the other is replying with muted apologies.....

Hmmm....Samantha is now bringing her hairbrush to the proceedings. The big question is , did David send her  to fetch it .......or did he plead for her not too?
If only we had something in those bubbles to tell us what they are thinking....

It appears all the elements for a good spanking are now in place.
David puts a sturdy chair in place and the hairbrush has been deposited upon it.
Only one bottom will be sitting on the chair and the other will not be sitting for quite a while.......

The proceedings are underway !
Stay tuned for the results (which will only be posted if I receive enough comments) .......


  1. Well, as a switch who loves that you swing between MF and FM spankings, I'd have to make the speech bubbles say:
    'I can't believe you bought a new car on our credit card!'
    'Well I can't believe you spent $700 on shoes!'
    Then they get home to find David's parents waiting to give them the first of their weekly lessons in financial prudency. David's mom will use his own belt just like she did when he was growing up, and Samantha will get a taste of her father-in-law's leather. Soon their bottoms will be as red as their bank statements!

    1. You're making my life difficult by introducing a couple more characters QB! I hadn't considered BOTH of them being spanked. Sorry but I'm going to have to make you choose.

    2. Oh alright if you insist ;) Samantha definitely looks the dominant type anyway...
      'Being cheeky to my mother! Arguing with my father! Leering at my sister! Are you really surprised I brought you home early?'
      'Aw c'mon Sam, you know your family is a real pain in the ass.'
      And later...
      'I'll give YOU a pain in the ass!'
      'Please no, not the cane! WHACK Ow! WHACK Ow!...'
      (Although personally I think you should go with the Anonymous cuckold one below)

  2. "Why didn't you tell me your nutty Aunt Hazel was going to be there? You know I can't stand it when she dances on the dining room table."

    "I said I was sorry. I thought she couldn't get a day pass during the week."

    It looks like he will be spanked to atone for his oversight.

    1. Might be hard for him to talk his way out of that one!

  3. I told you already my lipstick is that color because it matches my necklace you rude obnoxious little boy. I knew this would happen if i kept going on blind dates with younger men , but you will be taking me on another date to make up for embarrassing me on this one with your rude comments. But believe me you won't be sitting comfortably becuase i'm about to show you more about my matching skills by matching your bare bottom to the color of your tie. ........but....but....wha..wha..what do you mean your gonna?...umm?

  4. Get over here you little brat.....oww!! my ear ,what are you doing my pan...hey !!! my pants knock it off you know what you're gonna get mr.? I'm gonna turn you over my knee and treat you like a child since you are so damn arrogant I like to act like one.....get over here!! ....mmmpphh what the ? !! oww !! ouch !! hey omg my underpants ...owwww !! that hurts .

  5. David, this is the last time you are going to embarass me by telling off color stories at a family dinner! But Sam, I thought they would be more open-minded. Their just a bunch of old prudes!
    David, it's time someone taught you some manners....the old fashioned way. Wait here while I go get my hairbrush, young man. What in the world do you want that brush for?
    She's really acting strangely. Maybe I over-stepped the boundaries a bit?
    This brush will help me teach him a long overdue lesson.
    Well, David, it's time you learned that young men who behave like 12 year olds will be treated as such. Samantha, I don't think you understand locker room humor. Just lighten up! And why did you want this chair in the middle of our bedroom? Hey, Samantha what are you pants? And my underware? You can't be serious!? Wait a minute! Oh, no! Ouch! Yow! You can't! Oweee! Wah! Stop! Samantha can't we please talk this over?
    Certainly David, we're going to have a rather long discussion about your behavior. Oh, does that really sting so much? Here, try this...and this...and this! Youch! Owww! Ooohoo! Now, dear boy, we're finally communicating!