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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Paddled at the Lake - MF Spanking Comic

With summer long gone and the reality of winter slowly approaching , its a good time to reflect on those hot summer days up at the lake.
One of my favourite activities is to sit on the dock and watch people tip out of the canoe!
Sometimes it was purely accidental but , in the case of today's comic , premeditated ....and of course it leads to another of my favourite lakeside activities - a good spanking !

An unsuspecting Jeff casually paddles away from the dock , but his
girlfriend Tania plans on giving him a helping hand..........

Tanya finds this very amusing but is also anticipating Jeff's reaction......

Jeff hoists his naughty girlfriend over his shoulder and carries her onto
dry land to administer some well deserved discipline !

Tanya finds out that wearing a thong was the wrong choice of swimwear,
She will have to explain that red bottom as a nasty case of sunburn

There's nothing worse than having to sit on those hard canoe benches
with a sore , red bottom !

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