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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Saturday Night in Dustville - The Grand finale - MF Western Spanking Story

Still here ? You must be really determined to find out who wins this epic battle of the sexes in the Wild West....
Goodness me....if the women of Dustville have their way it may affect the plots of all those wonderful western movie spankings  !
Just think of the preview for McLintock!'
'Katherine loses patience with GW and chases him around town in his long johns , dunks him in various liquids before putting him over her knee for a public spanking in the town square....'

Don't laugh folks....stranger things have happened !

We can't let that happen so its time the men of Dustville swung the pendulum back the other way !


Under Beth’s leadership ,the women of Dullesville had made much progress since that famous Saturday night when they brought the Saturday night rowdiness in the saloon to an end.
Saturday nights were a lot more peaceful now as the saloon now welcomed women into the establishment .
In fact the Women’s Guild monthly meetings  were now held there instead of the cramped church hall across the street.
Having realized the errors of their ways , and paid the price , the men gladly stayed home to work on chores while their wives attended the meetings.

As usual Beth was the star speaker at the meetings and she gladly instructed the women on the art of disciplining their husbands.

“This week I’d like to show you ladies an alternative to the over the knee position” Beth began as her captivated audience listened .
She pulled out a straight back wooden chair and placed it in front of her with the seat facing her.
“Sometimes you’ll find it hard to hold your man in place over your knee , especially when he is trying to squirm and wiggle to avoid the spanks.
Instead of sitting on the chair , keep standing and place one foot on the seat and have him bend over your knee with his feet on the ground.
You will also get more power into your spanks and better accuracy from your standing foot and it will be hard for hi to move.”
Beth concluded her lecture by slapping her palm hard against her waiting thigh .
The audience applauded loudly.
Little did they know that Beth had discovered this ‘new’ technique when John had spanked her at the riverbank.
“Well if there is no further business we can have our refreshments !” Beth announced to a cheer.

This was something else which had changed in Dustville.
Instead of tea , some of the women indulged themselves with alcoholic drinks in the Saloon but not all of the members agreed.
Beth poured herself a shot of whiskey and did the same for her good friend Laura Darkley .
The pair clinked their glasses , tipped their heads and downed their drinks before refilling their glasses.

Across the room  Martha Farley , the Judge’s wife , looked on in distain.
“Just look at those two hussies downing whiskey like a pair of cowpokes!” she said to Reverend Brown’s wife Jane.
Jane tutted and nodded in agreement.
“If you have something to say why don’t you say it to our faces Mrs. Farley !” Laura yelled across the room .
Jane Brown bristled as Martha tried to hold her back.
“Ignore her Jane. There will only be trouble.” She advised.
Nonetheless Jane stepped forward and the four women faced off against each other.

The other women in the Saloon quickly moved in also and soon the scene was escalating to a confrontation between two angry , female crowds.
Fingers were pointing , feet were stomping and many voices were chirping as the room became tense.
The group led by Martha felt that Beth and Laura had gone too far and they were just like their men carousing in the Saloon on a Saturday night.
Beth’s supporters felt it was a right they had won and deserved.

Tension between the two sides had been building for a while and now it was coming to a climax.
It wasn’t going to take much to set this tinderbox alight.
A worried Saloon owner sent one of his men to fetch Sheriff Darkley before things were out of hand.
Catty comments , name-calling and personal put downs were the order of the day now as tempers flared.
“You’re a weakling just like that husband of yours Brown !” Laura yelled at the Reverend’s feisty wife.

Jane tried hard to obey her religious teachings but was unable to harness her fury.
The room was momentarily silenced at the sound of the loud slap as her palm connected with Laura’s face knocking her back on her heels.
In an instance firebrand Laura jumped on her assailment and all hell broke loose.
The women paired off grabbing hair , poking eyes and kicking and scratching as a full scale catfight erupted in the Saloon.

As the fight intensified Sheriff Darkley arrived but quickly realized he could not handle the situation alone.
Retreating he sent for re-enforcements and word quickly spread around town to husbands and boyfriends that their womenfolk were fighting in the Saloon.
As he waited Clint Darkley was entertained as he took in the sight of his Amazon like wife Laura take on all comers in the thick of the fight.
As the women quickly tired the melee turned into a series of wrestling matches as they combatants clung to each other flailing and clawing.

One by one their men arrived and drank in the unbelievable scene until John stepped forward with a pail of water and dumped it over his wife’s head as she struggled on the floor with  Jane Brown.

The men howled with laughter as the two soaked , indignant women clambered to their feet.
The Reverend quickly stepped in and taking his wife by the wrists hauled her away from the fray.
“You should be ashamed of yourself Jane !” he lectured.
“But..but…dear…I was defending your honor !” his wife pleaded.
Her husband was unimpressed and delivered a sound swat to the seat of her dress .
“You can be sure I will not be sparing the rod when I get you home Jane Brown !” the Reverend declared dragging his pleading wife out the door.

John’s task was not as easy and the feisty Beth took up a defensive stance as her husband maneuvered around her.
John was exercising caution , an angry woman was a dangerous as a wounded bear.
Holding his hand out her held her at bay as she punched and kicked at him until she was drained of energy.

John brushed a gentle hand on her face and pulled her to him.
Beth looked into his eyes like a tamed horse waiting to be saddled.

“Best get you home and dried off my dear - then I’m gonna gave that cute little bustle of yours a good dose of the hairbrush !”
John declared.
Beth’s jaw dropped and she shrieked as John picked her up and hoisted her over his shoulder .
“Aw John …...not the hairbrush…..please…” she moaned .
Her fists pounded on his strong back and her feet kicked as he carried her off into the night.

Meanwhile Laura Darkley still had a firm grip on Martha Farley’s hair as she sat on top of the older lady.
She looked up tentatively at her husband who stood over her with arms folded.
“Let Mrs. Farley go Laura !” he ordered.
“AW Shucks “Laura sighed releasing her grip and standing up.
As Martha lay sprawled on  her back a pair of male hands reached out and hauled her to her feet.
“Martha Farley ,you are hereby found guilty of disorderly and unladylike behavior  and I hereby sentence you to a long , hard spanking!” Judge Farley announced to his surprised wife.
“You’re really going to spank me ?” she blurted  excitedly.
The Judge tugged her towards him.
“You’re darn right I am woman !
You’ve been needing this for years and now you’re going to get it.!” He added .

Laura Darkley pouted and bit her lip as she avoided her husband’s silent stare.
“Guess I’ll be getting the strap ?” she asked meekly.
Tapping his foot impatiently Clint nodded .
“By the time I’m done tannin’ your butt it’ll be a week before you can wear those jeans !” he warned her..
Laura gulped and put both hands to the seat of her tight jeans as she anticipated her fate.
“I suggest the rest of you take your women-folk home and warm their backsides good Gentlemen !” Clint yelled as he took a firm grip on his wife.

Luckily ,apart from a few scratches , bruises and sore scalps there were no major injuries as a result of the mass catfight.
However , it was very clear that one part of their anatomy  would be very sore for some time.
Every house in Dustville had a similar scene that evening as the womenfolk presented their bottoms for some well deserved chastisement 

At the Dillon household , Beth sat silently in her pantaloons and bodice as Lizzie tended to the scratches on her face and gave her an ice pack for her blackened eye.
Beth looked at the hairbrush in her husband’s hand as he stood behind Lizzie.
“Better get another ice pack ready for me Lizzie.” She asked nervously.
“Oh don’t be silly Missy this one is all you need for that eye….it’s not that bad.” Lizzie scolded.
Beth looked seriously at her maid. “It won’t be for my eye Lizzie….” She said.
“OOOOOH!” Lizzie gasped as her eye caught a glimpse of the brush.

Beth stood up and John took his place in the chair .
Without ceremony he draped Beth head first over his lap.
“John….at least wait until Lizzie leaves….please?” Beth whined.
Her husband’s response was to tug on the drawstring of her bloomers exposing His wife’s two jiggling globes.

Lizzie made a hasty exit and listened in glee  to the sound of Beth having her bottom peppered with her own hairbrush.
“I’d best be careful….there’s an awful lot of spankin’ goin’ on in this house lately !” she told herself.

Over at the Sheriff’s house , Laura’s lay over her husband’s lap , her bare bottom high in the air and her jeans around her knees.
She grasped Clint’s leg and gritted  her teeth as the leather razor strap repeatedly visited her firm bottom turning it a blazing red.
Afterwards Laura’s bottom throbbed and she  grimaced while attempting to wiggle her swollen cheeks back into her tight jeans.
When she did manage to pull them up it felt like her rear was on fire as the heat in her jeans intensified her discomfort.
She quickly eased her aching rear out of her favorite attire and reluctantly slipped into a dress.
“Just you wait !” she warned Clint as he doubled over in laughter watching her.

Judge Farley had already passed  sentence on Martha and was busy roasting her ample , round cheeks for the first time with one of his leather slippers.

Newlywed Jenny  Moran was not exempt as  it was young Cecil’s turn to take charge He bent his bride over his lap and warmed her bare bottom thoroughly with his hand.
“Next time it’ll be the hairbrush !” Cecil warned her as he stood her upon her feet..
Jenny rubbed her sizzled bottom and , keeping her skirts hoisted , handed the hairbrush to her husband.
“Give it to me now Cecil- I deserve it!” she told him and climbed back over his lap.

For Jane Brown it was the first time her mild mannered husband had the occasion to chastise her in this manner and he seized the opportunity.
Not only did he administer a hard , fiery spanking , but then had his wife bend over for six strokes of the cane for added measure.
True to his word the Reverend did not spare the rod.

A s they prepared to leave for Church the next morning , each and every woman in Dustville  was sporting a rosy red , sore bottom beneath their petticoats.
“Aren’t you forgetting something Beth ?” John asked as he watched his wife step into her Sunday dress.
Beth chuckled as she looked over at her pantaloons still sitting on the bed.
“I’ afraid my bottom is much too tender to wear those to Church after that hair-brushing you gave me last night dear“ she explained , casting a glance over her shoulder to her glowing red bottom.
John smiled and shook his head.

Jane Brown stood dutifully beside her husband to greet each couple when they arrived at the church .
Under her yellow summer dress her red  bottom was painted with 6 crimson stripes from the cane.
Like Beth and the other ladies she opted to be without pantaloons.
Unable to sit for breakfast Jane thoughtfully provided her colleagues from the Ladies Guild with a pillow as they entered Church.
The ladies gratefully accepted , willing to endure amused comments from their husbands regarding the discomfort in their tails.

As Beth shifted and squirmed on her pillow , Martha and Judge Farley took their usual places beside them.
Martha gasped as she slowly eased her bustle onto the cushion before turning to Beth.
“I’d like to apologize for my behavior last night Beth .
Please forgive me.” She asked politely.
Beth took her hand.
“There’s no need Martha. We all behaved terribly last night and got what we deserved.” she assured her.

Martha moved closer and whispered to Beth.
“Henry gave me the paddling of my life with his slipper last night!
I’d been hoping he’d do that for years!” the older lady chuckled.
Beth smiled and then winced.
“I got the hairbrush for the first time but I doubt it will be the last ! “ Beth confided.
Martha tittered and pointed at the Reverend’s wife.
“Poor Jane got the cane. She  told me it left red stripes her bottom !”
Judge Farley frowned and pulled his wife closer.
“Really Martha !
Giggling in church like a schoolgirl has just earned you another spanking when we get home !” he whispered.
Martha winked at Beth  and tried to sit straight.
She couldn’t wait.



  1. Great switching story! I love the little snapshots of what's going on with each couple - especially those naughty newlyweds. That maid Lizzie needs a good hard whipping herself though

  2. Hi QBuzz ...yes I thought about getting Lizzie into the 'action' but decided there was enough going on for now ! Thanks for dropping by.