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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Saturday Night in Dustville - part 2 of 3 - FM Western Spanking Story

If you're still here then you're likely wondering where this story is going....
With a switch like me writing it , you just never know!

Anyway the 'dust'  ( pardon the pun) has settled after last Saturday's incident and John and Beth are  trying to get back to normal..........


The following Saturday night the Dustville Saloon was a quiet place as its usual customers were home with their wives or catching up with their chores.
Beth decided to treat herself to a rare shopping trip while John went through the long outstanding list of chores she had assigned him.

“Miss Beth is gonna be made at you if she comes back and finds you sippin’ on lemonade instead of mendin’ that fence Mister Dillon.
You outa be done by now !” Lizzie the maid warned John as she placed a cold pitcher of lemonade in front of him.
John put his feet up on the railing and kicked back in his chair , tilting his hat to shield his eyes from the blazing sun.
“She won’t be home for hours Lizzie….there’s lots of time to finish the chores” John replied calmly.
“Don’t say I didn’t warn ya !” Lizzie scolded .

His early start and the hot sun made John drowsy and he soon drifted off to sleep.
He didn’t even hear Beth’s buggy pull up in front of him until she kicked the chair from under him .
John swore as he crashed to the floor and looked up in surprise to see his wife glaring angrily at him.
“@#$%#$*  BETH ….YOU ALMOST BROKE MY NECK !” he yelled instinctively.
Beth fumed and John wished he could retract his reaction but it was too late.
“I drove past where our fence was supposed to be but saw no sign of you- or a fence John!” Beth lectured.
“B…but…honey….you’re back early…..I was just…...” John stammered before Beth stopped him.

“I go shopping for a few hours and come back to a lazy husband who did no chores and welcomes me with foul language.
Get yourself cleaned up and report to me upstairs John Dillon.
I am going to paddle your sorry behind long and hard for this !” Beth seethed through gritted teeth before turning on her heels and storming inside.

Trying to control her fury Beth greeted Lizzie who helped her with her bags.
“That’s a beautiful dress Miss Beth ….did you buy it in town?” Lizzie asked.
Beth calmed down and spun around to give Lizzie a better look.
She had bought it for John as he loved her to dress up but he had spoiled her surprise.

“I told Mr. Dillon he was askin’ fer trouble but he didn’t listen Ma’am.
Do you want me to fetch you some switches from the woodshed for his whuppin’’ ?” Lizzie asked as she followed Beth upstairs into the bedroom.
“Yes …please do Lizzie…a good switching will be a good start but open that box over there and hand me what’s inside would you ?” Beth replied.
Lizzie excitedly opened the box and gasped when she pulled out a large , wooden oval hairbrush.
Beth tapped the back of the brush against her palm.
“I wasn’t planning on using this so soon , but……go fetch those switches and send Mr. Dillon in here Lizzie.” She said.
Lizzie darted off but stopped as Beth called her back.
“Oh Lizzie ! 
You’re going to hear a lot of noise  and likely a lot of howling from Mr. Dillon so perhaps you may want to take a walk ?“Beth offered.

Lizzie winced and scurried out , bumping into John on her way down the stairs.
“Miss Beth wants to see you right away Mister Dillon……I’ll put together a nice ice bag for you….your …..your….um…eh…right after I fetch some switches….”Lizzie said .
“Switches ?” John asked.
“Yessir …switches ……but that ain’t nothing …..she has a big hairbrush too !”Lizzie told him.
John took a deep breath as he opened the bedroom door and ventured tentatively inside.
“Hi Beth.” He said sheepishly.
Beth had removed her new dress and sat at her dressing table in her undergarments as she removed her new bonnet from her head.
Sitting prominently on the table in front of her was her new hairbrush.
She carefully placed the had back in its box , glanced over at John , picked up the brush and patted her lily white lap.
“Get those pants down and get over my knee!” she said in a low , firm voice.

Just looking at his scantily clad wife excited John as he felt his erection swell inside his pants.
He lowered his pants and long johns and carefully draped himself over Beth’s inviting lap.
She opened her thighs slightly ,inviting his erection inside before clamping them shut.
John moaned as Beth hoisted his shirt tail to expose his bare bottom.
Just then there was a knock on the door.
“I have those switches Miss !” Lizzie called out.
“Bring them in Lizzie !” Beth replied.
John’s face flushed “ But Beth…..she’ll….AWWWW…”

Lizzie pretended to cover her eyes but made sure she could take in a lingering look at John’s firm , bare backside as he lay over his wife’s lap.
Beth picked up a switch and inspected it.
“Thank you Lizzie.” She said.
Lizzie closed the door and waited in the hallway for the silence to end.
She did not have to wait long until she heard the sounds of a switch lashing against bare skin .

Beth swung the switch at a fast pace , quickly stinging every inch of John’s rump and thighs.
Lizzie cringed as the switching continued , the only pauses occurring when one of them broke and Beth had to reach for a new one.
After a third pause Lizzie could hear only John’s groaning and pleading
It sounded like a gunshot but it was the sound of Beth’s new hairbrush landing forcefully on John’s buttocks.
The sound startled Lizzie.

Beth delivered another 4 solitary , hard whacks to her husband’s already tenderized behind , each generating a satisfyingly loud howl.
She then settled into a rhythmic pattern whacking one cheek and then the other .
John could barely catch his breath as the brush danced across his rump leaving deep red , oval shaped tattoos on his skin.
Concentrating on the sit spot on his right buttock , Beth landed repeated whacks to the same area.
John bucked and squirmed on her lap trying to avoid the barrage and to encourage his wife to choose another area to torment but this only served to encourage her to continue paddling the same spot until it was well and truly roasted.
Then she turned her attention to the same spot on his left cheek and gave it the same treatment.
With a final flurry of spanks an exhausted Beth ended the punishment.
John’s tough hide was a flaming red and bore the marks of the red lines of the switch and the oval patches of the brush.
Blisters were forming on the areas of each of his buns where Beth had really focused her attention.

After a ling silent pause , Lizzie stepped back as she saw the door handle slowly turn.
His eyes moist and face flushed , John winced painfully as he limped out of the room.
He forced a smile as he hobbled past Lizzie.
“Wow…she really gave it too you good this time Mr. Dillon….” Lizzie blurted.
“She sure did Lizzie…..she sure did….”John concurred painfully.

Taking great care to keep his seat off the saddle John rode out to work on the fences.
The exertion and heat of the sun on his bronzed , muscular torso took his mind of his roasted rump.
After repairing the last post the sight of the nearby river and the cool waters of the stream cascading into it over the rocks was a welcome one.
Already stripped to the waist he kicked off his boots ,undid his belt and stepped out of his jeans.
“Darn you Beth !” he sighed as he inspected the damage to his rear-quarters.
It hurt like heck but the cool spring water would help.
He gasped in relief as he stood naked beneath the waterfall and let the cold water spray against his battered rear.
His butt was so hot he was sure he heard it sizzle.

Beth watched John bath from behind the oak tree where John had left his clothing.
The sight of her handsome husband , his firm backside still red hot from being spanked bathing in the river sent sexual sparks through Beth’s veins.
She quickly began removing the expensive new riding outfit she had just purchased and tossed it on the ground in her haste to join John in the river.
She entered the water without John seeing her and skillfully  swam under the surface to the waterfall before springing out of the water.
“You naughty boy….you’re supposed to be mending fences!” she giggled.
Surprised , John still drank in the sight of the wet , shimmering beauty before him.
“Fences are all mended Ma’am so now we can have some fun.!” John smiled as he scooped Beth up into his arms.
Their passions fueled the couple made love on the banks of the river until the sun began to fade.

As John picked up his clothes he examined the many fancy garments Beth was picking up.
“A new riding outfit , hats , dresses …….and that looks like a new saddle……exactly how much did you spend on that little shopping trip today Beth ?” he asked.
Beth kissed him on the cheek.
“Not that much dear….” She cooed .
John frowned and took his wife by the arm to face him.
“ I asked you a question Beth. How much did you spend? We talked about your lavish spending habits before we got married and you promised to stay on budget.
Your budget was $50 so how much did you spend Beth ?” John asked firmly.

Beth looked uncomfortable and tried to avoid an answer by continuing to pick up her clothes.
“Oh don’t be such a prude John I……now  John….take it easy……” Beth said as John advanced .
“How much Beth ?” he asked again.
“$250…or more ?” came the meek reply.
John’s jaw dropped and before Beth could react , he seized both of her wrists and pulled her to him.
“What you need is a lesson in budgeting and that’s what you’re gonna get !” he seethed .
“Put me down this minute John Dillon ! I demand it !” an outraged Beth screamed as John took a firm hold of her waist and tucked her under his arm .
His butt was too sore to sit so the over the knee position was not an option.

Placing a foot on a log he let Beth’s tummy rest on his thigh.
Beth’s shapely , jiggling bottom and long flailing legs were a perfect target for him.
“Don’t you dare John….don’t you dare spank me like this !” she screeched.
“Just be glad I don’t have a switch or a brush with me !” he replied.

Both of them stark naked under the western evening skies John began giving his wife a well deserved spanking.
He loved the way Beth’s cheeks jiggled and changed color from lily white , pink , red and then crimson as his palm danced all of her shapely globes.
“Oh John….pleeeeease stoppit….my bottom is soooo hot.!
I’ve learned my lesson ….honest I have !” Beth pleaded , kicking her legs and wiggling her hips in an attempt to distract John from his task.
John paused.
His wife’s curvy , red bottom sure did look inviting and his erection rubbing on her soft underbelly was stimulating.
With a few final swats which had Beth yelping he released her and stood her on her feet.
“OOOOOOH IT BURNS “ she pouted rubbing her bottom furiously.
John pulled her close and planted a long lingering kiss on her lips.
Beth tried to protest but quickly became absorbed in the kiss also.
The pair made love yet again , this time with Beth on all fours and John behind her.
Emotionally and physically drained from their day , Beth and John walked their horses home together as they held hands – neither of them was in any condition to sit on a saddle !


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