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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Big John - MF Western Spanking Story

I like nothing better than a good Western...especially if it features a feisty filly having her bottom spanked. Here is one of my early attempts at a western spanking story based on those old movies.

Just a warning that the story does 'heat up' and there is a lot more than spanking !

                               A Western Spanking Story :    BIG JOHN

"This meeting is closed gentlemen!" Beth announced banging her gavel
on the table.

The men around the table mumbled under their breath but none of them
had the courage to stand up to Mayor McClelland.

Beth had just started her 3rd term as Mayor of the developing
western town of Dochart with another landslide victory so she had
the political experience and determination to follow through on her
election promises and was proud of it.

For the late 1800's in the still "wild west" it was a rarity to see
a women with so much control over the town.

Beth had come to the town 20 years ago to open and teach at the
local school.

Her education, planning and oratory skills from teaching served her
well in prospering in the community and developing her political

She now owned the local newspaper and had a number of other business
interests which provided her with more than enough income to suit
her lavish tastes.

By her own admission Beth had always loved the finer things in life.

She bought only the finest clothes, lived in a huge mansion
overlooking the town and had her own staff to serve her every whim.

The only aspect of Beth's life that was disappointing was her love

She had endured two brief marriages to men who really were not up to
the challenge Beth provided.

Deep down she longed to have a "real man" in her life.

She looked much younger that her 41 years with stunning looks, a
mane of long red hair and a tall willowy figure.

The years had added some curves to her already shapely figure, but
in all the right places.

As a result Beth had many suitors but none yet had provided the
spark to ignite the passion inside her.


"Excuse me Madam Mayor.
Could I have a word?" the deep male voice called out.

Beth peered over her eyeglasses and looked up from the papers she
was studying at her huge desk in the Mayor's office.

In front of her stood a man she had never seen before who was
swatting the dust from his clothes with his hat.

The dust flew everywhere and irritated Beth.
"Do you have to do that?....a
nd how did you get in here Sir without an appointment?" she barked.

It was only then that she had a good look at the male figure before
her and inwardly felt a sexual charge .

The man was tall with broad shoulders and chiseled good looks.
His hair was dark and tousled with shades of gray on the side and
his complexion well tanned from spending much time outside.

"Sorry Ma'am.
Just came from my ranch and picked up quite a bit of dust from the
road on my ride here.
Your secretary was busy so I figured it was ok to come in – I am a taxpayer after all " he explained.

"My name is John Dillon," he added pushing out a hand to Beth.

Beth's brow wrinkled and she looked at the dirty hand making it clear she was not going to reciprocate.

"So you're a taxpayer are you? 
Then you must be the man who bought the old Corbett place," Beth concluded rudely.

"That's correct Ma'am.
And if you recall it was because of the high taxes you keep imposing on us Ranchers that those old folks had to sell the place.
Now at yesterday's council meeting you ploughed through another tax increase that will make it even tougher for us" Dillon said firmly withdrawing his hand.

Beth bristled.

"How dare you burst into my office like this unannounced, spewing grime all over the place and addressing me in that manner!" she lectured.

John held his ground and put his hands on his hips.

"Excuse me Madam Mayor but this is a democracy not a dictatorship.
I was at the meeting last night and watched you railroad that tax increase through Council without even considering the concerns of the people involved.
You won't be paying the tax on your fancy house up on the hill but us hard-working ranchers will!" he replied feistily , turning on his heels and storming out of the office.

Beth's face was flushed with anger but her whole body surged with excitement from her tangle with this handsome Cowboy , something she had not experienced in a long time.

"I'm sorry Miss McClelland I should have stopped him but he was just so…. nice and charming …." Said Beth's young secretary Mary , peeking nervously into the Mayor's huge office.

Beth glared at her angrily.
"Don't let it happen again Mary" she scolded.
"Bring me the file on John Dillon please Mary" she added.

Beth always had her Sheriff do a background check on all new residents to the town . 
She wanted to find out more about this John Dillon.


John looked took a break from his woodcutting to study the cloud of dust in the distance that was getting closer to his ranch.

Stripped to the waist, and sweat beading from his rippling muscled torso he wondered who would be paying him a visit on a Saturday morning.

"Probably old Willie from town returning those tools I loaned him "he thought to himself picking up the axe to continue chopping.

When the buggy came closer he was surprised to see it was driven by
none other than Mayor McClelland.

She cut quite the sight with he red hair pinned up, a checkered
shirt, well-cut jeans and cowboy boots , her red hair tied up in a
pony tail.

Beth pulled hard on the reins bringing the horses to a noisy halt at the front of the ranch house.

John grabbed his shirt and went over to greet his visitor.

Beth lustily eyed this fine figure of a man,stripped to the waist .

John quickly pulled on his shirt and held out a hand to help the lady from the buggy.

This time Beth accepted his hand and stepped down.

Beth was tall but John still stood head and shoulders above her and he looked so confident and powerful as she stared up at him.

"I was thinking about what you said in my office this week Mr.
Dillon and thought it best we talk about it in a less ....formal setting" she said.

John looked at her with a broad, friendly smile and excused his rough appearance.
"You can call me John," he said beckoning her inside the house.

Beth smiled back " I believe you're usually referred to as `Big John'..... " she said impishly , using   the information she had read in John's file.
".....I assume its because you're so tall?"

John looked surprised and blushed " Uh…er…no its not …..but that's a good guess" he replied.

"Then why..... ?……" Beth started , but John cut her off.

"I'm sure you didn't come all the way out here to talk about my nickname Madam Mayor…," he said.

Beth was taken aback by John's forward manner.

"Well…no.....and you can call me Beth " she said.


The ranch house was spacious with a clear masculine theme.

No flowers or fancy furniture as in Beth's mansion, just plain
practical furnishings most of which John made himself.

Beth sat at the wooden table while John tucked in his shirt and made
some coffee.

Beth explained her reasons for the high taxes in town and an animated and loud debate commenced.
John was no dumb cowboy.
He was intelligent, well informed and spoke eloquently.

For the first time in her life Beth was having a real discussion with a man
who was up to the task and she thoroughly enjoying it.
Although the debate was heated at times it remained civil.

Time passed quickly until Beth noticed the clock on the wall.

"Oh my…..its going to be dark soon….I'd best be going...." Beth squealed.

"Wouldn't be good to have a woman ride back alone after dark....why don't you stay for supper and I'll drive you home afterwards Beth?" John offered.

Beth was hoping John would make such an offer and gladly accepted.

"If you don't mind I'll step outside for a wash Beth.
I'm pretty sweaty and dusty from all the chores and wood chopping.….. uh…er…. my shower is outside by the water pump so would you mind not looking out the window?' Wouldn't want you to see anything that would offend your modesty" John asked blushing attractively.

Beth smiled with satisfaction and pictured John's firm, naked body showering outside.

"Of course not......I promise not to peek .", " she replied , mischievously putting a hand on her heart.

As John showered , Beth nosily surveyed the house , tutting when she noticed the dust on the furniture and various items scattered untidily around.
"This place could really use a darn good cleaning," she said to herself.

Her gaze went to the window when she thought again about John showering.
Her heart fluttered like a schoolgirl and a surge of sensuality filled her veins for the first time in years.
Her curiousity was out of control.
"One quick peek wouldn't hurt…" she convinced herself.

Stealthily she made her way to the window , carefully easing back the curtain to sneak a peek at John.

She was not disappointed at the sight of this gorgeous male body standing nude only yards from her.
Water poured from the makeshift shower over his face , down his broad shoulders, taut stomach and firm , muscular buttocks.
His upper body was tanned and there was a clear line at his waist below which his skin was a milky white shade covered in dark hair.

Her mouth went dry and she wished she were one of those droplets of water exploring John's body.

Then it happened.

John turned around unexpectedly to turn off the shower giving Beth a full frontal view !

She quickly discovered why he was nicknamed "Big John"!

Beth let out an involuntarily squeal at the sight of John's huge thick penis and her coffee mug dropped from her hand and crashed on the floor.

Hearing the noise John looked over just in time to see Beth's head pulling away
from the window.

He quickly grabbed a towel to cover himself while i
nside , Beth frantically cleaned up the broken coffee mug praying that John had not seen her.

Beth had just finished dumping the remnants of the cup when the door
swung open and a fully clothed John strode in.

Guilt was written all over Beth's face when she spun around to face John and she backed into the wall behind her blocking any escape.

The look on John's face defied description and he marched determinedly over to Beth , stopping in front of her with arms folded and a foot tapping.
"You promised me you wouldn't look!" he said with an icy glare in his eyes.

The strong confident Beth was gone now and she felt like a frightened schoolgirl caught with her hand in the cookie jar.
She opened her mouth to speak but could only mumble a pathetic "Ssorry John"

John rolled up the sleeves of his shirt.

"Wha…whaaat are you going to do?" Beth stuttered.

"Something I should have done when you were rude to me at your office this week! John announced.

Beth's eyes darted wildly around the house looking for a way out.

"You've been running the roost in this town for way too long Miss McClelland.

Its time you got the comeuppance you need .......and what you need is a good spanking!" John announced grabbing Beth's wrist and dragging her behind him like a rag doll , striding purposefully over to the leather sofa.

John sat down ,easily flipping Beth face down over his lap.

Beth kicked and pounded her fists as fiercely as she could but to no effect.

John adjusted Beth's position on his lap to raise the seat of her jeans higher and her face almost kissed the floor.

Her long red pony tail whipped back and forth when she struggled vainly.

John swung a strong leg over Beth's calves to stop her from kicking and 
Beth felt the material on the seat of her jeans tighten when she bent over even more.

Her bottom raised high in the air , she had never felt so vulnerable.

Then she heard a loud crack and at the same time felt a sharp sting in her right buttock when John's hard palm landed.

She bucked and squealed just in time for another crack and felt a sting in her other cheek.

Determinedly John continued to raise his palm high and bring it down
hard on the seat of Beth's tight jeans.

Soon Beth's cries of outrage changed to pleas for mercy with the toll of the spanks mounting on her stinging rear.

John picked up the pace now, not spanking as hard but more briskly.

Beth squealed and struggled - her bottom felt like it was on fire.

Finally John delivered a trio of really hard swats to finish and hoisted Beth to her feet , holding her by the arms in front of him.

Beth's immediate concern was to sooth the burning in her bottom and she rubbed the area furiously with both palms , her face grimacing.

John's steely blue eyes stared at Beth until she looked up at him and stared back.

She wanted to slap him.
But for some reason she wanted him to kiss her and her lips opened and move closer to his.

John pulled Beth close and their lips locked in a passionate embrace.
Beth didn't want it to stop but had to come up for air.

They looked at each other in silence both panting and out of breath.
"You needed that." John whispered.

"I know....thanks John!" Beth cooed back burying her head in John's broad chest
"Don't be so time you won't have the protection of those jeans, " John
warned her.

"You wouldn't dare John Dillon!" she responded.

Beth's heart pounded at the comment .

She knew this was a man who meant what he said.


The next morning at church Beth and John sat at opposite sides but
could not help glancing at each other throughout the service.

Afterwards the Parishioners mingled and chatted outside and Beth was the centre of attention , looking stunning in her long blue dress and matching bonnet.

John stood at the edge of the crowd looking at Beth and they exchanged glances lustily.

Beth's bottom still stung a little from the spanking and she instinctively put a hand on the back of her dress to touch the tender area and send a signal to John.

He chuckled.

She still could still not get the sight of John's naked body out of her mind.

Just looking at John made her heart race.

She managed to extract herself from the crowd and amble over to him.

"Hello `Big' John!" she mouthed cheekily.
John was not amused.

"I should have given you that spanking with your pants down!" John growled.

Beth smiled at John " I dare you !" she challenged ,returning to her entourage.

"Pour me a bath Millie…. And lunch better be ready…. I'm hungry " Beth ordered striding into her mansion tossing her bonnet and shawl on the floor.

Millie the maid scrambled behind her picking up the items."Missy…. there's a…."

Beth silenced her maid abruptly with a wagging finger and went up stairs to prepare for her bath.

Unknown to her John had been waiting in the parlor.

"Sorry Mr. Dillon.She don't listen to me sometimes.You can see her after her bath" Millie explained.
John's face lit up.

"Bath you say Millie? 
Which room is Miss McClelland’s?" he asked.

Millie blurted out the directions and watched with mouth agape when John marched past
her to the stairs.

Beth sat at her dressing table wearing a white lace bodice cut low at front and back and matching knee high pantaloons.

Her long red hair hung over her shoulders and she brushed it carefully as she looked aimlessly in the mirror.

A look of shock covered her face when she saw John's reflection appear in the mirror.

She spun around in her seat.

"How did you get in here?" she asked.

John did not answer , closing the bedroom door and taking off his jacket.

Beth's mouth opened wide when she saw the familiar sight of John rolling up his sleeves.

"That spanking I gave you last night was just a little warm up Beth.....i
t looks like you
are more conveniently dressed this time...and I may even use that hairbrush!" John said  walking closer to Beth.

"Now…now John…..what I said today… was just a joke…. a little tease.." she babbled looking up at John.

"It was very rude, inappropriate and outside church! Really Beth!"
John replied taking Beth's wrist and hauling her to her feet.

Putting one foot on the stool Beth had been sitting on John spun her around , bending her over his thick outstretched thigh.

Beth dangled over the perch, her legs off the ground and kicking while John held her in place with a hand in the small of her back.

He picked up the hairbrush and eyed his target.

The material of Beth's fancy lace bloomers was thin and almost transparent as it stretched tight against her two shapely globes.

Beth let out a most unladylike "YAAAAWW!" as the back of the brush whacked against her delicate sit spot.

John delivered two more whacks to the same spot and Beth howled loudly.

John paused for a moment.

"By the time I'm done with you this time Beth McClelland your bottom will be so sore you won't be able to sit down for a week!" he told her.

"AWWW No" Beth whined.


"Yeow!" "OOOW!"  

Beth squealed as the hairbrush tattooed her scantily clad rear.

Millie and the rest of Beth's staff were huddled at the bottom of the stairs listening to every sound of their Mistress getting a well earned paddling.

"Boy is he giving it to her but good!" the cook said excitedly.

"Give her one for me Mr. Dillon!" Millie cried out applauding loudly.


By the time her sound dose of the hairbrush concluded Beth was in a sorry state.
Tears were streaming down her face and she was bawling like a baby.

She was still howling and crying when John hauled her to her feet.
Beth tried to put her hands to sooth the burning in her rear but John slapped them away and led her by the wrists to a corner of the room.

Holding her arms over her head , he guided her into the corner placing her hands on top of her head.

"Keep your hands there and stay there until I tell you to move" he ordered.

"Aw John…my bottom is on fire…..please can't I rub ?…" Beth pleaded.
John's response was to place his fingers in the waistband of her pantaloons and ease them over her shapely hips to rest at her knees revealing a very red , warm and glowing posterior.

"PLEASE NO JOHN!" Beth squealed indignantly but did not dare to move.

John sat by the dresser proudly watching the strong, powerful woman he had just tamed sniffling in the corner , her spanked bare bottom on display.

Obediently Beth remained in place ,her two red globes lighting up the corner until she felt John's caring hands on her shoulders.
He turned her around and she melted into his arms.

Beth looked up at John and he brushed his fingers across her face.
They were silent and kissed and held each other tightly.

She undid the buttons on her bodice and John's eyes opened wide when her firm breasts spilled out.

Beth winced when John cupped her breast with one hand and used the other to grasp
her burning ass cheeks.

"It time you were formally introduced to Big John " he said grinding himself against her.

Beth gasped with excitement , frantically undoing the belt on John's pants and yanking them to the floor.

John helped her , fumbling with his long-johns as she searched for the hidden treasure inside.

"OHMIGOSH!" she exclaimed upon unveiling John's oversized erection.
"Big John is going to be a busy boy tonight !" she exclaimed excitedly,
called the Council meeting to order , squirming on her seat .
Her bottom was very tender from the spanking she received the previous day although the extra petticoats she wore under her dress did provide a makeshift cushion to make sitting more bearable.
The meeting would be a short one anyway as she doubted any of the Council members would object to her proposal to reduce taxes.

"This tax reduction is long overdue as we have been spending on the backs of hard working ranchers for too long!" Beth declared.
The Councilors could hardly believe what they were hearing and applauded loudly when Beth banged her gavel on the table to end the meeting.

Beth shifted and shuffled her bottom on the hard wooden seat of her buggy during the short ride home to her mansion.

"Darn that hairbrush !" she seethed to herself.
She immediately wet to her bedroom to undress and with a loud sigh of relief she wiggled her hips to step out of her pantaloons.

"Aaaaaah" she sighed feeling the cool night breeze from the open window brush against her hot bare bottom.

Wearing only her camisole she stood in front of the full-length mirror to inspect the damage to her rear end.
"OOOOOOOO......" she moaned carefully placing a palm on one of her sore cheeks.

Her skin was hot to the touch.

John had certainly done a thorough job on her bottom with thehairbrush.

Beth's bottom was still  red with visible oval blotches on her "sit spot" where the back of the brush had landed repeatedly.

She still felt a thrill run through her veins when she recalled the memorable lovemaking session she had with `Big John' after her spanking and she longed for more.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Excuse me Missy but Mr. Dillon is hear to see you" Millie called out.

Beth's heart raced like a schoolgirl and she pulled on a dressing gown to go downstairs to meet John in the parlor, trying desperately not to look too excited.

"I heard about the tax reduction and was going to invite you out to dinner but I guess it's too late?" John said as he saw Beth in her gown.

"John Dillon you know very well I can't sit down so dinner is out of the question " Beth replied with a hint of a smile pushing herself against John's strong chest.

Unable to control the fire inside her she pressed her lips against John's and kissed him.

John grunted when Beth placed a hand on his crotch in search of `Big John'.

Letting her robe slip over her shoulders and onto the floor she helped John undo his pants.

When `Big John' was released Beth dropped to her knees and she hungrily caressed him with her lips and hands.

Joan clenched his fists and moaned as Beth went to work on `Big John'.

"AAAAAWWWGHH" Beth let out a guttural holler spreading her legs wide to allow `Big John' to slide inside her.

The missionary position was not favored by Beth due to her sore bottom so she had opted to receive her guest from behind while bending over the sofa .

Her two ruby red globes were thrust out in anticipation as John stood behind her controlling Big John like a puppet-master , thrusting him in and out.

Beth's uncontrollably loud howls of passion drew the attention of Millie and the rest of the staff who again listened with ears pressed against the locked parlor door.

"Mister Dillon is giving it to her good again – but this time it sure ain't a spankin'" Millie giggled.


John's courtship of Beth continued for a few months until she accepted his wedding proposal.

Along the way the most powerful woman in the county still ruled the council room but had regular trips across her Fiancé's lap to keep her in line.

Beth's skirts and petticoats would be hoisted and he seat of her fancy pantaloons was tanned with John's hard hand or o
n occasion the dreaded hairbrush .

As a result , Beth presided at many a Council or Board meeting while sitting on a
sore, red bottom.

She readily accepted John's marriage proposal , content to finally have a man
in her life she could truly respect and love.

They agreed to sell her mansion and live at John's ranch.

John did give Beth a warning of one thing that would change after they were married.

"Once we are husband and wife you will be spanked on your bare bottom my dear " he declared.

Beth's mouth went dry.

She could hardly wait.


  1. Replies
    1. It is even more interesting when bossy ladies are taken to task and find out that they like big spanking men. It happens all the time and all over the world - not only in westerns. And with a hairbrush on a naked bottom, she is sure to get the message.

  2. I loved this, something about the western theme is terribly exciting. And you did not even have her being spanked over a couple of hay bales!!!

    1. I don't think only cowboys should spank their ladies, but there is something original and romantic about a no-nonsense man taking the woman he loves to task and spanking her good and hard. The inspiration from John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara is also enticing. :-)

    2. Some of your puctures are from movies where ladies are spanked because they have punched or shot at the men. There is a video made by Jezebel - a feminist organisation - and it shows a lot of women getting spanked by John Wayne, Clark Gable, Rod Cameron and others. But the video only shows the women getting put over the knees and spanked, not that the women actually started being violent. The feminists are extremely disturbed about the video, but I think that even today if a woman punches or kicks a man, she cannot complain if she gets spanked in return. In all cases the man and women really love each other - as in this story - and after the spankings they make up and make love. That is what it should be - in stories, movies, and in real life. And your story demonstrates that beautifully.

  3. Hello! I've been following your blog for a while now and finally got
    the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Dallas Texas!
    Just wanted to mention keep up the good job!