Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mission Accomplished - MF Spanking Story

Debbie could barely contain her excitement as she pulled into her Mom's driveway.
It felt good to be home again after a long absence while she accelerated her career in the US Marines during the past 5 years.
Along the way , her Mom and Dad had supported and encouraged her to succeed.
And succeed she did!
Debbie was now a Sergeant in charge of her own squad and she was a very different person from the shy , petite teenager she was when she left.
She was tougher , physically and mentally , specializing in martial arts and hand to hand combat and she was a match for men twice her size. 
Debbie's parents were very proud of her.

Now it was her Mom , Sharon who needed her support.
After over 30 years of marriage Debbie's Mom and Dad had surprisingly decided to separate about a year ago.
The separation was especially hard on Debbie's spontaneous , flighty Mother.
She really needed a man in her life so desperately that , rather than attempting to reconcile with her estranged husband Frederick , she experimented with numerous brief relationships over the past year , some of them disasterous. 

Sharon was a handful , but Debbie's Dad knew how to handle his feisty wife ,and secretly Sharon really missed his firm hand and discipline to keep her focused. 
It was no secret to Debbie and her siblings that their Dad spanked their Mom when she needed it.
When Dad marched Mom off to the bedroom the tell-tale smacks and yelling were there for all to hear.
Mom made no attempt to hide her predicament and would make a big scene of rubbing her bottom and complaining about how hard it was for her to sit.
She would amuse everyone with her post spanking comments and antics.

Debbie had always attributed those spankings to the success of her parent's marriage and was surprised when they split.
So a determines Debbie considered this visit a mission to reconcile her parents.

Sitting in the passenger seat beside her , Debbie's Dad Fred shifted nervously.
"Are you sure this is a good idea Debbie. Your Mom may have one of her tantrums when she sees me!"
Debbie reassured him with a hug and a grin.
"Don't worry Dad. It wouldn't be the first time Mom threw a tantrum , and as I recall , you always knew what to do when she did?"
Fred sighed , "I know honey .....but things have changed...."

Debbie rang the doorbell and was enthusiastically greeted by her bubbly, effervesant Mom and immediately noted dramatic changes.
Sharon's new hairstyle was  punkish and dyed a an odd pinkish purple .
She noticed her Mom had certainly put on a few pounds. 
Sharon's choice in clothes had always been risqué  , but the outfit her Mom wore surprised even Debbie.

Mom's ample cleavage strained against a skimpy tank top , and loud skin tight leggings left little to the imagination.
To top it off , she teetered on the 6 inch heels of her knee high boots and was wearing way too much make up.

Debbie realized her task was going to be more challenging than she planned.

Her Dad was ultra conservative and had often objected to his wife's racy taste in revealing clothing resulting in some fiery disputes between them over the years.
However , she was encouraged by the fact that eventually , her Mom would tone down her dress to atone her husband , albeit usually after he had warmed her bottom with a good spanking!

As expected Frederick's eyes widened when he set eyes on Sharon but he made no comment.
"Frederick! What are you doing here?" Mom bristled.
Debbie cast her Dad a pleading glance when she noticed the rage building up inside him.

"Look I haven't seen you guys for ages and I'm taking you out for a nice dinner,so let's get along " Debbie explained.
She could tell from her Dad's expression exactly what  he was thinking.'there is no way that woman is going out to dinner dressed like that!'
But to placate Debbie ,  Fred bit his tongue and forced a smile , "Hello Sharon , it's so nice to see look....", he bit his tongue , "...nice?" he added sarcastically.
Sharon actually looked disappointed that he had not lectured her about her dress , and cheekily stuck her tongue out at him.
"Behave Mom!" Debbie asked .
Sharon flung her head back dramatically , invited them inside and turned on her heels.

Debbie whispered in Fred's ear , "Work with me on this Dad....please ?" she pleaded 
Fred's shook his head in disgust when he watched Sharon's plump, spandex encased bottom wiggle across the room 
"I'll do it for you Debbie....but that bottom of hers is in dire need of a good hairbrushing!" he seethed.

Debbie's Mom had always been meticulously house proud , but the house was frankly a mess.
Clothing and articles were spilled over the floor , dirty dishes filled the sink , dust bunnies scurried  about and every windows was clouded with grim.
She and her Dad were shocked at the spectacle, especially since Sharon seemed oblivious to the mess and offered no apology.

Despite the messy surroundings , the trio settled in the living room for drinks and caught up with all the news from their daughter.
They laughed , joked and reminisced sharing fond memories.
Even Fred looked his old self and Debbie noticed her estranged parents slowly warming to each other again.

Debbie looked at her watch, "OMIGOSH! It's after 8 we've missed our reservation !" she gasped.
Sharon put a hand on her daughter's shoulder , "We're having such a good time dear....why don't we stay here and I can whip up something for us all to eat...".
Then , casting her eyes on the filthy kitchen and recalling her fridge was empty she quickly added ,"...or we could order in?"
Fred was actually relieved not having to be seen in public with Sharon dressed like a hooker so quickly agreed.

Jyst then Debbie's phone rang and she saw it was from her team leader , "Excuse me...I really have to take this.How about you order us some Chinese food Dad? " she asked.
Fred pulled out his cell phone , "Sure you go and take your call.Your Mom and I will ...while you're gone...won't we Sharon?"
Debbie bristled again , "I suppose your going to lecture me on my outfit!"she growled.
Fred leaned closer to her , "I certainly am!"

Debbie had no time to referee and left to take her call.
Deep down she felt it was good that her parents needed some time to talk as they had done little of that since the break up.
In fact she considered it real progress that they were actually interacting , but she knew she still had an important role to play to reconcile them.
Moments later when Debbie shut off her phone ,  she heard a commotion from down the hall.
Her Mom screamed loudly....very loudly...and the screams were interspersed with other sounds....very familiar sounds!
"Don't you dare Frederick!" 
"Put me down this minute or I'll call the police..."
"What are you doing ?..STOPPIT YOU BIG BRUTE!"
Debbie knew exactly what was transpiring in the other room...Dad was giving Mom a good spanking!

Moving closer to the commotion Debbie peeked into the living room.
Sharon was draped over Fred's lap , her spandex leggings were now banded around her knees.
Perhaps to permit his ex some dignity, Fred allowed her tiny yellow thong to remain in place.
 It offered no protection to her jiggling bottom which was already a bright red.

"Dressing like a hooker,  letting this house go to hell, being lazy....there are going to be some changes around here young lady!"Fred scolded.
As usual , despite her predicament and increasingly sore bottom , Sharon remained unrepentant .
"Like hell! You can't tell me what to do! Let me go you bastard!" She spat.

Of course this only incited Fred to spank her harder...much harder and it was exactly what Sharon wanted!
After a furious flurry of spanks Fred paused for breath.
"Bring me the hairbrush Debbie!" he yelled , aware his daughter was listening in.
Digressing to her teenage years ,Debbie rushed to the bedroom to retrieve the antique hairbrush from its usual place on her Mom's dresser.
Sharon's eyes widened when she saw her daughter return with the dreaded implement.

"No Debbie don't ! Frederick!  Don't you dare use that monstrous thing on me know how much it hurts!"
Fred gleefully took the brush from his daughter.
He was clearly enjoying this.

"Now you're really going to get it good missie!" he replied with a determined grin.
With all her squirming and bucking , Sharon had almost fallen off Fred's lap , so he took a moment to adjust her position.
Taking her right arm he pinned it behind her back and placed one of his powerful legs over hers.
"No Fred! Please ....not the brush!" she pleaded with a pout.
Fred was having none of it.
He had heard it all before.
The sound of the hairbrush cracking against Sharon's bare skin was much louder than the hand spanks.
So was Sharon's howling!

It had been well over a year since Sharon's bottom had felt the sting of that hairbrush yet she found it strangely theraputic. 
All the anger , frustration and stress which had built up inside her since the separation was released with each burning blow of the brush.

Soon she was very repentant.
"PLEASE STOP FRED .....I'M SO SORRY! "she wailed.
Frédéric paused , noting her contrition.
"As soon as I finish spanking your naughty bottom , you'll go upstairs and change into some respectable clothes!" he demanded , emphasizing with two stinging whacks .
'WHAP! ' WHAP! ' 
"You will get rid of that clownish hairdo!"
'WHOP! ' ' WHOP! ' 
"You will get to work cleaning this house!"
'WHAP! " 'WHOP ! ' 

Frederick paused to catch his breath before helping a sobbing Sharon up onto his lap and hugging her.
"I've missed you so much Sharon..." he told her earnestly , planting a kiss on her full lips.
Sharon snuggled closer to him.
"I missed you too Frederick....especially those spankings!" she purred.

Just then the doorbell rang.
"That will be the food.I'll get it!"Debbie chirped.
"Take your time honey...your Dad and I will be upstairs for and little while..." Sharon said , smiling seductively at Fred.
Fred scooped his wife up in his arms and slung her over his shoulder .
Debbie giggled when her Mom let out a girlish squeal and Fred patted her still bared, red bottom to dispatch her upstairs.
"Thanks Debbie!" Fred winked at his daughter.
"Mission accomplished!"Debbie mused to herself.

It was about 30 minutes or so later before Debbie had confirmation that her mission was indeed successful.
The door to her parents' room opened quietly and they giggled like teenagers as they descended the stairs.
As usual Sharon made an exaggerated scene about how sore her bottom was , rubbing it vigorously and contorting her pretty face into a grimace.
"How am I supposed to sit down for dinner?" she pouted at Fred.
"With this of course..." he replied , tossing a pillow on her chair.
Debbie had seen it all before but still chuckled at her Mom's antics as she wiggled her bottom and carefully sat on the pillow.
"Your Father and I have an announcement to make Debbie." Sharon beamed.
Debbie tried her best to look surprised as she served the fried rice , "Really? "
Sharon looked lovingly at Frederick , " We've agreed to get back together. He's moving back in tomorrow!"
"......and if this place isn't ship shape by the time I arrive you'll find yourself over my knee again missie!" Fred warned.
Debbie shook her head and smiled , "Well in that case best leave the hairbrush out to save time!"
They all laughed together.


  1. Good story, and I'm always pleased when an estranged couple find each other again. In most cases there is so much love and affection left that a good spanking will remind the wife that she really loves her husband. Daughters helping daddies to get their mother spanked, or mothers doing the samething when their daughters' marriage is in danger is a good element, because it serves to remind us how sensible women are. A sore bottom is much better than a life in misery.

  2. Spankings keep a marriage strong....and that goes for husbands and wives.

  3. Cute happy ending. For a while there I was thinking Debbie might discipline her Mom since I like reversals.

    1. I am working on a sequel as Debbie's mission is not quite finished...stay tuned.