Thursday, October 27, 2016

Keeping Him Waiting - FM Spanking Cartoon


  1. Is he being punished for complaining about her taking too long when they go out? Poetic justice! 😆

  2. Given his predicament and her demeanour , I would say he did a lot more than that to upset her Q!

  3. Not a fan cock-cages but I did like this image because it shows her putting her hair up.

    Years ago I was warned that when a woman puts her hair up like that - shit's about to get real!

    And it's kind of true. Whether it's washing the dog, a thorough cleaning of the house, many women will put their hair up to get down to business.

    A couple years ago a woman who was about to spank me for the first time said, "Take your pants off!", and then started to tie her hair up while I did! Just seeing that I froze a bit: "Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Oh, shit!"

    1. You are absolutely right , very sexy to see her head flick back and tie up her hair- tells you the spanking will be a fierce one! Its also a way for her ti demonstrate that she is in charge. Enjoyed this one so much I've turned it into a bit of a series. Thanks for stopping by.