Friday, June 13, 2014

Panama Jack & Lady Penelope - FM Spanking Adventure


World renowned adventurer , Panama Jack , dumped his knapsack on the floor and flopped his body down on the sofa , his 48 hour journey from the jungles of Borneo quickly catching up with him.
“Lady Penelop? It’s me Panama Jack…I’m back!” he called out loudly.
Jack’s eyes bulged when the figure of Lady Penelope appeared in the doorway , standing confidently with her hands on her hips.

“Well, well so the famous Panama Jack has finally decided to show up has he?
Well while you’ve been off having fun,  I’ve been stuck here doing all the work here by myself!” she scolded.
Jack smiled and shrugged his shoulders , “….but honey…I’ve spent the last 2 weeks in a mosquitoe infested jungle, sleeping in a swamp ,eating tree bark and leaves and fighting cannibals!” he explained.

Lady Penelope  put a finger to her mouth to silence Panama Jack.
“I don’t wish to hear your excuses Panama Jack !……in fact the only words I want to hear from you for the next 10 minutes are ‘Yes Maam or No Maam’……now go fetch the chair and the hairbrush…..Panama Jack is going to get a long overdue lesson in respect!”
“Aw no honey….not the hairbrush” Jack pleaded.
Lady Penelope  wagged a warning finger at him.
 “Yes ….Maam” Panama Jack said and went to fetch the chair and the hairbrush……………

“YEOOW! …. OUCH!…. take it easy Penny….my butt is on fire !” Jack protested loudly.
Lady Penelope  paused to catch her breath and wiped the beads of sweat from her brow.
“Phew! This is quite exerting !”she declared and raised the brush once again to resume proceedings.
“YEOOOOW! ” Jack howled.

Lady Penelope smiled ,and paused again to study her handiwork.
The famous Panama Jack’s bare bottom was as red as a rip tomato
“Am I getting through to you yet Panama Jack ?” she asked.
“Yes Ma’am! “ came the prompt reply.
“I’m not so sure….I think that Panama Jack’s bottom needs to be just a little redder! Lady Penelope pondered.
 ‘WHACK!’ “OW!”
‘WHACK!’  “OW!”

“Oh stop making so much fuss Panama Jack!
I wonder what all your big tough adventurer friends would think if they knew your wife put you over her knee for a good spanking on your bare bottom?
Perhaps I’ll mention it at the party this evening when you start rambling on about how you saved the world !” Lady Penelope teased.
She delivered a particularly stinging smack to emphasis her point.
 “OUCH!  ….You wouldn’t dare Penelope!”
“Oh wouldn’t I?”  She replied with a wry smile…..

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