Saturday, October 12, 2013

Spanksgiving - FM Spanking story

With Thanksgiving coming up its a time when family's get together and enjoy each other's company , and perhaps share a few family secrets ?
This story is about a newly married couple spending their first Thanksgiving with their in-laws and the Turkey is not the only thing that gets roasted !
The story features F/M spanking which I think is only fair as you ladies do most of the work on Thanksgiving anyway!
 I promise my next post will feature M/F ...... 

Jeff was more than a little nervous about spending Thanksgiving with his new in-laws.
He and Nancy had just celebrated their first anniversary and he had only met her parents a handful of times as they lived in California.
However , a few days away in the sun , away from the dreary November weather in Connecticut would be a bonus.
Live-wire Nancy was wound up as tight as a drum in anticipation of their visit ,  and anxious for everything to go perfectly. 
While Jeff tried to relax , Nancy was busying herself making sure everything was arranged and perfect.
She stood between Jeff and the television set with hands on hips, feet tapping and he knew exactly what that meant.
“Jeff Wilson! Has it occurred to you that our flight leaves in a few hours and you haven’t even started to pack yet?” Nancy scolded.
Ignoring his wife , Jeff shifted in his seat to look around her at the TV.
“Cool it Nancy….there’s lots of time….now can you move so I can see the game?” he complained.
Nancy wagged a finger at him.
“If you keep us late for our flight …so help me Jeff …..” she warned and stormed out of the room.
“I was sure I’d left it in my night table ! You must have moved it in one of your silly clean-ups Nancy!” Jeff raged.
Looking at her watch , Nancy was becoming very nervous.
“Well Jeff we’re already late so you’ll just have to endure the flight without your ipod….and if you’d started packing earlier when I asked you …..” 
Jeff spoke before she could finish.
“Stop nagging will you Nancy and help me find my @#&%$#  ipod. Will you stop moving my stuff ?” 
Rolling her eyes , Nancy nudged her husband to the side and looked in his night table.
After some rummaging she pulled out his ipod.
“There is is! Right where you left it!” she exclaimed , handing it to him.
Jeff took it and tucked it into his pocket.”Thanks Hon.”
Assuming the hands on hips stance again , Nancy stared angrily at Jeff.
“Well? I’m waiting for my apology.” She said.
Picking up his suitcase Jeff stared back at her. “Well you’re going to wait a long time we’ll miss our plane so let’s go.” He told her.
A steaming mad Nancy clenched her fists and gritted her teeth.
“Wait just a minute Jeff….I forgot to pack something. I figured I wouldn’t need it for the trip but obviously I was wrong!” 
Opening her dressing table drawer she reached inside and pulled out a large , antique hairbrush.
Her husband’s jaw dropped.
“Why are you bring that for Honey?” he asked nervously.Nancy had short hair and no need for a brush to groom it.
His wife smirked and placed the brush in her carry-on bag.
“Oh I think you know very well why I’m bringing it darling. It’s been over a month since I’ve had to use it and , based on your attitude lately , that’s been way too long!” 
His face flushing crimson , Jeff pleaded with his wife.
“But Nancy….we’ll be at your parent’s place….you can’t…….not there ?” 
Ignoring him , Nancy pointed to the suitcases “Let’s go Jeff!” 
It was Thanksgiving weekend so the security line at the airport was longer than usual.
“Good thing we got here early Hon’. “ Jeff said in a conciliatory tone.
“No thanks to you!” Nancy reminded him.

“Excuse me Ma’am. I’m going to have to look in your bag. The x-ray is showing some contents which need to be verified.” The middle-aged female security person told Nancy.
The young couple waited in the crowded area while the woman peered inside Nancy’s bag.
A knowing grin appeared on her face when she pulled out the hairbrush.
Jeff blushed and Nancy grinned.
“They don’t make them like this anymore! Do you use it a lot ?” the older woman asked.
“Only on my husband!” Nancy replied.
The two women looked at Jeff and shared a giggle.
“Gerry Blackwell ! How many times did I ask you to dust the dining room and it’s still not done!
The kids will be here shortly and I need to finish preparing the Turkey.” Nancy’s mother , Janet said.
Nancy’s father clicked on the television remote to raise the volume.
“Oh it’s fine dear….a bit of dust won’t hurt anybody!” he replied casually.
His wife appeared from the kitchen , brandishing a very large wooden spoon.
Purposefully striding up to the television she unplugged it.
“HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WOMAN ? “ Gerry raged standing up.
Janet glared at her husband assuming the familiar stance she had passed down to her daughter.
“You heard me Gerry. Now I want that dining room sparkling in the next 15minutes…..or you’ll be the one hurting !” she scolded wagging the large spoon at him.
Fighting his male pride , Gerry stood defiant for a moment before putting down the remote.
“Yes Ma’am” he mumbled and made his way to the dining room.
“Dinner was wonderful Mrs. Blackwell….the turkey was delicious !” Jeff gushed.
His mother-in-law smiled at him. “Please call me Mom Jeff….you’re part of the family now!” she cooed.
Gerry pushed his empty plate away “ Usually she burns everything Jeff! I think she was so anxious to impress you that she hasn’t left the kitchen since she popped that bird in the oven! So don’t expect this all the time.”he bellowed loudly.
Unimpressed , his wife raised an eyebrow and glared icily at him.
“Daddy ! What a thing to say ! You can be so tactless sometimes…” Nancy scolded.
Jeff tried to supress a smile and stay neutral but just couldn’t.
“I’ve had to suffer through quite a few of Nancy’s burnt offerings myself Mr. Blackwell !”
“JEFF !” Nancy pouted.
Her Father cackled loudly “Good for you son….and call me Gerry!”
Jeff smiled upon hearing his Father-in-Law’s approval but noticed the icy stares from Nancy and her Mother.
Gerry looked at his wife.
“I’ll deal with you later Mister…” Janet seethed, immediately dampening her husband’s jovial tone.
“I wonder if you and Jeff would be good enough to pop down to the store for me….silly me I forgot to pick up eggs for breakfast tomorrow….” Janet asked.
Nancy raised an eyebrow.
Her Father was wearing an apron , dutifully washing the pots and pans from dinner , and Nancy was sure she saw a full carton of eggs in the fridge.
“Are you sure Mom….I’m sure I saw……” she began but her Mother interrupted .
“If you wouldn’t mind dear?” Janet asked with a wink.
It suddenly dawned on Nancy that she’d seen this scenario before when she lived at home…many times.
Her Father would say or do something to upset her Mother who would announce that she would “deal with you later”.
About once a month , when Nancy was tucked in bed , her parents would retire to the basement as usual , supposedly to watch television , but on these occasions she noted the volume was turned up much louder than needed.
It was certainly seemed a strange thing to do with a child trying to sleep upstairs.
On one occasion , Nancy had slipped downstairs to tell them it was too noisy,  but the door to the basement was oddly locked and , over the blare of the television , she could hear other sounds.
Loud rhythmic cracks accompanied by muffled cries which sounded like her Father.
She remembered standing there listening but it did not occur to her what the sounds were until later.
The following morning she noticed her Father would sit very gingerly at the breakfast table and loudly complain about a sore neck or back. Her Mother would chuckle at his comment , and quip “I believe it’s a little lower darling!” and her Dad would blush.
As she got older she realized her Mother had given her Father a good spanking with her hairbrush .
She knew it had to be a hairbrush by the sound , and also because her Mother would sometimes leave it on the basement coffee table after one of their sessions.
By this time Nancy had a pretty good idea that her Mom was spanking her Dad but still liked to investigate further .
“What’s your hairbrush doing down here Mom ?” Nancy asked once.
Janet smiled and not missing a beat replied “Oh your Father needed it … I let him have it .”
“….boy did I let him have it…” she added.
Jeff sat on the edge of the sofa , intently watching the college football game.
“Come on Jeff …..Mom asked us to pick her something up at the store….”Nancy stated firmly.
Without removing his attention from the screen Jeff replied.
“Are you crazy? This is a BIG football game…..what does she need that’s so important anyway?”
Nancy took the remote and turned off the game. “Eggs!” she told him.
Jeff looked at her “ EGGS.?WHY DO YOU NEED ME TO HELP YOU BUY EGGS ? …and Gerry….um …I mean…your Dad is going to bring us a couple of beers and watch the game with me!”
Nancy assumed her familiar stance and Jeff knew she meant business.
“It wasn’t a request Jeff…it was an order ! ….and Dad won’t be joining you for the game so lets go!”
Standing up Jeff and replied angrily , “#$&*#% Nancy ….can’t a man watch a football game on Thanksgiving?”
He regretted the outburst the second the words left his lips.
“Still haven’t learned your lesson have you? I’ll be dealing with that potty mouth and your little attitude problem later , but for now we’re going shopping for eggs so lets go !” Nancy lectured.
Once Janet heard the front door close , she wasted no time in firmly grabbing her husband’s ear.
“Not as much as your butt is going to hurt after I’m done roasting it !” came the reply from his wife.
A curious Nancy lingered at the car while Jeff had already started the engine.
“I forgot something Jeff...give me a second!” she called and sneaked back into the house.
Standing at the top of the basement stairs , Nancy heard her Mother’s scolding voice and the unusually muffled voice of her Father.
After a few seconds of silence it began.
“OW !” “OUCH!” “OOOH! Take It Easy Will Ya Janet!”
“Will You Stop that Squirming Gerry! I’m just gettin’ started !”
“Just like old times !” Nancy chirped.
About 45 minutes later , Nancy rang the doorbell before opening the front door to signal her return.
Janet and Gerry were clinging to each other like newlyweds and promptly disentangled when Nancy and Jeff returned.
Jeff headed straight for the television but Nancy stopped him by grabbing his ear.
“The football game can wait…..we came here to visit my parents….so let’s visit shall we? “Nancy said , releasing her husband’s ear.
Jeff pouted and rubbed his ear.
“You sure have him well trained Nancy !” Gerry chuckled.
“Well she did learn from the best didn’t she honey?” Janet cooed , planting a kiss on her husband’s cheek. Gerry responded by giving his wife’s bottom a firm smack. 
“Oh you beast !” she squealed , feigning outrage.
“Will you two stop it ?” a disgusted Nancy asked.
“Sit down everyone and I’ll make some coffee.” Janet suggested.
Nancy sat and eagerly watched her Father do the same.
Wincing ,Gerry gingerly lowered himself onto the chair and immediately squirmed around. 
“Oh that back of mine is acting up again!” he gasped dramatically.
Nancy could not believe he was using the same corny excuse after all these years.
Janet tossed him a pillow . “Here this will help!” she chirped.
Gerry raised himself up and slid the pillow underneath him.
Jeff looked at him quizzically .
“It’s his lower back…..really low !” Janet chuckled.
Jeff looked at Nancy who was eying him with an impish grin.
His face flushed red when  he realized why  her parents needed some privacy.
Since meeting Nancy he knew exactly what it felt like to sit on a very sore backside !
Nancy’s Her Mother had schooled her well on the benefits of a hairbrush applied to a male backside so she was keen to try it out for herself when she started dating.
So when she and Jeff started dating she was on the look-out immediately for a reason to spank him. 
It didn’t take long as Jeff gave her many reasons , but at first she would just threaten a spanking to gauge his reaction.
Then one day she did it.
“Jeff Wilson do I have to put you over my knee and spank your bare bottom until its red?” she warned.
Jeff laughed nervously but was clearly embarrassed.
Sitting down confidently Nancy patted her lap.
“So you think I’m joking do you ? We’ll see about that ! OK get your pants down and get over my knee!” she ordered firmly.
She could see the emotions warring within her boyfriend , but after a short pause he undid his jeans and draped himself over her lap.
Nancy could feel his erection on her bare legs so clearly he was enjoying it-so far!
He wore a pair of black briefs which Nancy promptly yanked down to reveal his cute bare bottom.
“HEY!” he yelled in protest just before Nancy started spanking.
Nancy had never spanked anyone before so started out tentatively but as soon as she saw her boyfriend’s cheeks change colour from lily white to bright red something sparked inside her.
She spanked his bottom furiously , like a woman possessed , ignoring his howling and pleading for her to stop.
Her own palm was stinging but she still continued until the bare bottom before her was glowing.
Jeff sprang up , rubbing his rear and hopping around foolishly.
Nancy noticed his erection had returned so she took a firm hold of it.
Her boyfriend’s eyes lit up as she gave him an amazing hand-job.
After that , spankings became part of their routine and foreplay but Nancy insisted in having discipline spankings also…..and introduced Jeff to the hairbrush.
He recalled how much that darn brush hurt and sympathized with his Father-in –law.

For the next few hours Jeff and Nancy enjoyed the company of her parents .
“Well I think we’ll hit the sack kids….it’s been a long day.” Janet announced launching into an exaggerated stretch.
Nancy looked at her Mother impishly.
“I think Jeff and I will go down to the basement and watch some television”she said.
Gerry gratefully stood up and winced as he rubbed the seat of his pants.
“Why do you want to watch tv down there Nancy? That old set is 20 years old. You’ve got the big screen with HD in the living room!” he said.
“The noise won’t disturb you as much down there Dad….it’s pretty soundproof.” Nancy replied .
Jeff was puzzled “You Dad’s right Nancy. We can just keep the volume low on the tv up here .” 
“The noise isn’t going to be coming from the tv Jeff! Now get downstairs and wait for me, I have to get something from my bag upstairs.” Nancy told him.
Jeff opened his mouth to reply but was silenced by his wife’s glare.
“Yes Ma’am” he mumbled.
Janet winked at her daughter and Gerry put a conciliatory hand on his son-in-law’s shoulder.
“Best go down there and face the music son.”
Janet and Gerry stood at the top of the basement stairs listening to the shenanigans just as their daughter had all those years ago.
Nancy delivered a series of really hard swats which made Janet and Gerry cringe.
“WOW she’s really giving it to him good!” Gerry exclaimed.
Janet grinned , “Well Nancy told me that Jeff’s had it coming for over a month….so it’s his own fault!” Gerry looked at his wife.“Well it’s fine for you to say that Janet….you’re not the one getting your bare butt paddled with that darn hairbrush…..have you any idea how much it hurts and how hard it is to sit afterwards?”
They both cringed again before Janet responded, ”Of course I know how much it hurts dear….I’ve blistered your bottom enough times …..anyway , it’s supposed to hurt because the only way a wife can get through to her husband’s thick head is to tan his hide so hard he’ll remember it every time he sits down for a few days!” 
Gerry put a hand to the seat of his pants and shrugged “Well you certainly got through to me honey!”
Janet giggled “ ….and by the sound of it our daughter is doing a good job on Jeff!”
…..‘WHAP!’ ‘WHAP!’ ‘WHAAAP!’…..”Am I getting through to you yet Jeff?”
“Yes What Jeff?”
“Good boy! You have 10 more coming and I want you to count them and thank me for each one!”
Janet feigned a grimace “ Poor boy ! I do believe he’ll be still feeling the effects of this on their flight home!”
“Gerry laughed , “ In 2 days? Yea that’s about right dear!”


  1. Great story just too short. Would have been better if Nancy spanked Jeff in front of her mother..but good story none the less.

  2. That would be a bit too obvious I'm afraid .Nancy made a point of informing her parents Jeff was getting a spanking , knowing they would listen in , and Jeff knew this too so that's just as humiliating. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Interesting story--Our married life includes a bare paddling by my wife once in a whil--and i have it coming---but it has always been totally secret just between us---I could not do it if anyoine else knew---With just the two fo us knowing--there is no embarrassment or humiliation---otherwise I could not do it---It works fine for just thw two of us---MY BUTT SURE HURTS THOUGH

  4. I agree with you....domestic spankings should be in private but can sometimes be overheard , especially a noisy paddling. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I consumated our marriage by giving my husband an old fashioned hair brush spanking on our wedding night. He kicked and bawled like a big baby and promised to be good. I've continued these hairbrush spankings when ever needed and it has worked wonders. Jan

    1. jan I just want let you know you are the model wife.