Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bat Masterson Spanks - MF Spanking Story

Those of you who've been around as long as I have, probably have fond memories of the spanking scene in the episode "Brunette Bombshell" in the old Bat Masterson television series .
While the build-up is great , the spanking of Isabel Fowler (played by the delectable Rebecca Welles) is disappointing and way too short.
Ever the gentleman Bat even spanks her over that huge skirt , bustle and petticoats .

So I've transported Bat to modern times where the scene is repeated and Bat can give the naughty Miss Fowler a real spanking .....

Bat Masterson Spanks

“Mr. Mayor , perhaps you could appoint me Director of Education for a short while?” Bat asked.
“Request granted” the Mayor quickly replied , a satisfied grin spreading over his face.
Isabel looked frightened , her head swivelling back and forth between the Mayor to Bat .Bat took hold of Isabel’s arm .
“What are you going to do?” she asked indignantly.
Bat didn’t answer putting a finger on his chin and eyeing Isabel up and down.
He looked at the Mayor .
 “I think  the Schoolroom would be best place for what I have in mind Mr. Mayor. 
It will have everything I  need.” Bat said.
Meanwhile , Isabel looked even more concerned and worried when Bat led her away.
“But….but….I…” she stammered looking helplessly at the Mayor.
The Mayor smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

Bat strode purposefully along the main street to the schoolhouse with a firm grasp on Isabel’s wrist she struggled to keep up with his brisk pace.
Along the way , people were amused by  the sight of their attractive deputy Mayor being dragged around town .
“Mr. Masterson….this is outrageous…I demand to know where we are going…” she demanded.
Bat stopped outside the schoolroom and faced Isabel who welcomed the pause to catch her breath.
Bat glared sternly at her .
“Miss Fowler , I intend  to teach you a lesson which should have been given to you a long time ago!”
With that , he spun around and ushered Isabel inside the schoolroom and closed the door.

Isabel looked nervously around the small room while Bat removed his hat and jacket .
He rolled up his sleeves and opened the drawer in the Teacher’s desk.
“Ah….here it is !” he declared , pulling out a long leather strap.
Isabel’s jaw dropped and her eyes grew as big as saucers.
“Mr. Masterson…surely you…you wouldn’t dare…but…” she stammered.
Bat stepped boldly toward her brandishing the strap.
“I’ll need you to remove that skirt Miss Fowler.
It’s looks very expensive so I’m sure you don’t want me damaging it while you are bent over my knee” He said.
Isabel’s face flushed red.
“Really! Mr. Masterson surely you don’t intend to expose me like that ….why I thought you were a gentleman!” she spat indignantly.
Bat slapped the strap hard against the desk making Isabel jump.
In a final act of defiance she glared angrily at Bat but started undoing her skirt.

Isabel did her best to conceal her modesty standing before Bat in her flimsy undergarments .
Bat eyed the attractive sight before him and smirked .
Isabel wore a black lace garter belt with matching panties and black stockings .
The lingerie emphasized her best qualities , curvy hips flowing from a tiny waist and a pair of the shapeliest legs her had seen for a long time.

Bat pulled out a chair , sat down and patted his lap , his eyes trained on Isabel the entire time.
Isabel sighed  her shoulders slouched in resignation.
Reluctantly she stepped closer to Bat and slowly draped herself head first over his awaiting lap.
If Bat enjoyed the sight of this attractive women in her undies before she was over his lap the feast before his eyes now was simply stunning.
Isabel was blessed with a delectable bottom which was made for spanking , round , firm with soft, silky  skin and just enough feminine ‘jiggle’.
The tiny black lace , bikini panties added a classic frame to Isabel’s derriere.
So much so that Bat decided to leave them in place – for now.
The strap could be quite severe on such a virgin bottom and his intend was not to damage her lovely skin but to have it smarting and stinging when she sat for her next few meals.

Isabel made one last attempt for clemency , looking pitifully up at Bat , batting her big brown eyes and pouting .
“Please Mr. Masterson…not too hard…you see I’ve never been spanked before..” she purred.
Ignoring her , Bat took a firm hold of the strap  raising his arm high.
A full dozen times the strap raised and snapped against Isabel’s scantily clad rear , the stinging and burning intensifying as each blow landed.
She squirmed helplessly on Bat’s lap , kicking and squealing loudly.
“Please … no more Mr. Masterson…stop burns so much…” she pleaded.
A mischievious grin appeared on her face when  Bat laid the strap on the floor.
Unfortunately for her , Bat had not been  fooled by her acting.

Isabel shrieked when she felt Bat’s fingers tug on the waistband of her expensive panties and yanked them unceremoniously down .
Her plan foiled , she struggled desperately to climb off Bat’s lap but he pulled her back to the classic spanking position.
Bat peppered Isabel’s sensitive bare cheeks with a non-stop barrage of spanks until they were beet red .
“I’m sorry Bat…I’m sooo sorry …please stop..” she pleaded as the spanks continued to rain down.
Looking up she breathed a sigh of relief when finally stopped spanking , but she yelled “OH NO!” when she saw Bat’s hand reach for the strap again.
Her backside was red and glowing but Bat knew he could not let Isabel’s deception  strap go unpunished.
Six more times the strap cracked against her bare skin .
This time her cries were for real ,her voice growing  hoarse as she choked back real tears.

Bat stood Isabel up and she melted into his arms .
“You had best get dressed for dinner young lady. The Mayor will be waiting…” Bat declared as if nothing had happened.
“AW NO…” Isabel moaned putting a soothing palm to her roasted rear ,”I can’t possibly sit for dinner Bat…my bottom is so sore!”
Bat was unsympathetic.
“You should have thought about that earlier before you earned that spanking .” he lectured.
“OOOOOH!” Isabel gasped and carefully eased her panties over her swollen bottom .
Bat laughed.

The short walk to the restaurant was difficult for Isabel,  her poor bottom burning even hotter under her tight garments.
The Mayor sat at their table smiling broadly.
He stood up to greet them ,  eyeing Isabel carefully while Bat pulled out her chair for her to sit.
She looked at Bat ruefully , took a deep breath and prepared to sit.
Slowly she lowered her bottom onto the chair , her face grimacing opon contact.
“AAAAAH!” she groaned shifting uncomfortably.
The Mayor looked at Bat “It appears you’re lesson was quite effective Mr. Masterson” he chuckled.
Isabel glared at him and squirmed on her seat uncomfortably.

Adding  to Isabel’s discomfort were the amused look of other diners who appeared well aware of her spanking ordeal in  the schoolroom .
After ordering her meal , Isabel was relieved to be able to give her aching bottom some relief with a visit to the ladies room.
She wasted no time in hiking up her skirt ,easing down her undies and inspecting her bottom in the mirror.
It certainly looked as hot as it felt.
Soaking a hand-towel in water she used it as a cold compress for temporary relief.
“AAAAH!” she sighed .

She had no time to react when the bathroom door opened and Isabel’s older sister Margo appeared.
“My my…that looks positively nasty sister!” Margo exclaimed .
Isabel hastily restored her dress .
“Oh hi Margo…I guess you already know what that Bat Masterson brute did to me ?” she said.
Margo nodded and laughed.
“You were making so much noise in there it was hard not to hear!
Anyway…you’ve had that coming for years Isabel !” she lectured .
Isabel scowled and rubbed her bottom.
“A good spanking would do you some good also Margo…maybe I should let Bat have a word with Michael?” 
Margo laughed mockingly.“That wimp ? Fat chance!” 

When the two sisters returned to the restaurant , Margo’s husband Michael was seated with Bat and the Mayor.
The three men rose to greet the ladies.
“I invited you and Michael to join us if you don’t mind Margo.” The Mayor said.
It wasn’t long before the strong-minded Margo was butting heads with the men at the table on her favourite subject – politics and , as expected , the discussion soon became heated .
Michael had a quiet , conservative nature , the complete opposite of his wife , and he had seen Margo do this before .
Tactfully he asked her a few times to lower her voice and be more civil , but to no avail.
When he tried yet again , an exasperated Margo exploded “Why don’t you just shut-up and stop interrupting me !” 
The outburst sent the entire restaurant into eerie silence.

Ignoring her husband , Margo leaned aggressively towards Bat and continued making her point.
“Before you continue Miss Tate ,I believe you owe your husband an apology ….” Bat said , glancing over at Michael.
Margo glanced ruefully at her husband.
“The hell I do !” she replied .

 Michael rose from his seat and took hold of  Margo’s wrist.
“Let go dammit !What the hell has got into you Michael ?” she raged .
Keeping a firm grip on his furious wife , Michael calmly signalled to the Restaurant owner .
“Would you mind if I use your office for a short while Tony ? My wife and I need to have a little ‘discussion’ …” he asked.
Tony smiled and gestured towards the room .

To applause from the entire restaurant Michael dragged his screaming , unruly wife over the office and slammed the door shut.
There was quiet again and the diners returned to their meals , but with ears still  pinned to the commotion coming from behind the closed office door.
“NOOOOOO!  HOW DARE YOU ! YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS !” she howled just before a loud smack rang out.
“OOOOW!” Margo wailed.
The smacking continued , as did Margo’s screams,  for a good ten minutes without interruption.
By this time Margo’s powerful voice had faded to subdued sobs , pleading and apologies.
Everyone  cringed when the final flurry of hard smacks rained down on Margo’s bottom.

After a few minutes of silence the office door slowly opened and Margo emerged , her face red , tear-stained and contorted in a grimace ..
 Her usually impeccable hair was all over the place and she stumbled along on unsteady feet.
Margo stood at the table , head bowed and rubbing the seat of her expensive dinner dress.
“Sit!” Michael ordered firmly.
“Aw Michael can’t I go the ladies room first ? ” Margo pouted but gingerly lowered her hot bottom onto the chair when her husband pointed to it.
“OOOOOH!” she groaned signifing her discomfort.

Isabel laughed at her sister.
“You’ve had that coming for years Margo!” she teased , relishing in her sister’s humiliation.
Michael glared at his wife “Well Margo?” he prompted.
Margo frowned and then proceeded to apologise to the entire restaurant for her behaviour.
“Lets have dessert!” Bat chimed immediately restoring cheer to the room.

Margo ate her dessert , shifting and squirming the whole time , although now her manners were impeccable.
Michael took one last gulp of his coffee and stood up , quietly beckoning a suddenly obedient Margo to do the same.
“Excuse me but Margo and I have some unfinished business to take care of..” he explained.
Margo looked confused and worried.
“Michael….what do you mean…my bottom is still so sore from that spanking..” she began .“Is that strap still in the Schoolhouse Bat?” he asked , rendering Margo’s eyes as big as saucers.
“It sure is?” Bat replied .
Michael tugged on Margo’s wrist.
“I told you I wasn’t finished with you yet Margo!” he seethed and guided her outside.

Isabel tried hard to contain her excitement at the prospect of what was in store for her big sister.
Quickly she gobbled down her dessert and stood up.
“Thanks for dinner gentlemen !” she said rushing for  the door.
Bat and the Mayor looked at each other and laughed.

Isabel pushed her pretty nose against the schoolhouse window using her hands to shade out the glare.
“WOW!” was all she could say when she took in the sight.
Margo had shed her long evening gown and was bent over the back of a chair.
Her hose and skimpy red panties banded around her thighs and her cheeks , still fiery red from the spanking  displayed deep red bands where the leather strap had landed repeatedly.
Michael was far from finished and had only paused to survey his handiwork.
Isabel winced when he raised the strap and lashed it hard across his wife’s backside.
Margo’s face contorted and she let out a hoarse wail with every stroke .
Isabel lost count of the number of strokes but it had to be at least 20.

“YEOOW!” Isabel squealed when she felt her earlobe being pulled up.
Instinctively , her head and body rose with it until she was face to face with Bat.
“Enjoying the show?” he asked sarcastically and give her bottom a firm smack.
“OW! Careful Bat…I’m still tender back there!” she complained.
Bat eyed her menacingly.
“Not as tender as you’re going to be young lady!” he told her.
“Aw no Bat please….noooo….not again !” she wailed.

Ignoring her pleading Bat hoisted Isabel over his shoulder and marched off with her feet kicking wildly and her tiny fists pounding his strong back.
Just at that moment , Michael emerged from the Schoolroom with a very sorry Margo in tow.
“Look’s like your sister just earned herself another walloping from Bat!” he cackled.
Margo tried to force  a smile but all of her attention was devoted to her sore , blistered bottom. 
Michael smiled at his thoroughly tamed wife.
“Lets get you home Margo. I have just the thing to cool down that beautiful hot bottom of yours!” he told her , taking her by the arm.


  1. great work I really enjoyed it and I also remember the episode! THANKS.

    1. Thanks..the episode was disappointing as we didn't see much of the spanking itself, but perhaps that's because ,after the fade out , Bat hoisted all those skirts and tanned her bare bottom just like in modern times....still one of my favorite spanking scenes though.

    2. I find it typical in these stories that even if friends or sisters know how much a spanking hurts, they still gloat when the other one is going to get it. Perhaps it reflects the tyåical female ambivalence to spankings - they hurt like the dickens and they are hot as hell.

  2. Women usually gloat when their best friends or sisters are spanked, an indikation that they think It's the best Way to treat brats and shrews, but it is not always they have the same attitude when their own bottoms are being spanked hard. However, after the spanking they all feel much better, and most wives would rather have a stinging or sore bottom than a wimp for a husband. The actual spanking the wife gets may not be consensual, but on the whole women would rather be spanked long and hard on their bare bottoms than have a guilty conscience or a wimpy man. :-)